Cops Nab Uncle-Nephew Burglars After They Rob Keri Russell’s Hicks Street Brownstone

Page Six reports that Keri Russell was the victim of an uncle-nephew burglary duo who struck overnight. According to law enforcement sources, the pair entered her Hicks St. home through an open window on the first floor and made off with a Filson bag, Macbook Air, necklace and earrings. They then struck a home on Remsen St. where a resident called the police and helped cuff the duo: Stephan Swindell, 19, and his uncle, Ronald Swindell, 50. Russell reported the incident at the 84th precinct this morning.

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  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Did they also take the final “l” from her last name?

  • GHB

    I love a good father & son story!

  • HeatherQuinlan

    They did, very sad.

  • Lori

    No “Felicity” in this story. Glad they were caught. Thank you, Remsen Street resident.

  • MonroeOrange

    I guess the Swindells’ are good at Swindling.

  • GHB

    According to The Daily News, it was an uncle and nephew team. Nice!

  • jen

    another example of the irrelevance of the 84th precinct. crooks feel they can act with impunity since no cops patrol the neighborhood but rather expend their resources in other areas. any chance we can gets some cops for the sky high property taxes most here pay? also, seems like cops actually do something when the victim is famous. I was assaulted in bklyn heights earlier this year and my case wasn’t even filed properly and when it finally was the detective refused to lift a finger even though I had a good lead in tracking down the perp. and lastly, Is it normal for the cops to go to a burglary victim’s workplace to return recovered items or was keri given special treatment? if she was treated differently it should be investigated.

  • GHB

    jen, I have noticed more night patrols in the North Heights in recent months. I often see them when I walk my dog around 11.

  • Rick

    I can’t believe the news guys are still staking out her brownstone. I live across the street from her and have heard them all day. As of 8:45PM, the CBS van had left, only to be replaced by an NBC van…

  • jen

    happy to hear that. however, still a bit confused that the cops went to the set of her tv show to return the stolen items. sounds odd. seems like there is a double standard; If you’re famous or know the right folks you can get some justice and action from the police. I co-own 3 buildings in the heights and couldn’t get the police to properly enter my assault into the system. I don’t know any powerful people so perhaps that had something to do with it. I’m just a regular civilian who only pays over 150k in property taxes a year. guess it’s still not enough to get justice or i’m just not “donating” enough to the right people.

  • David on Middagh

    The NY Post seems to be daring people to bootleg their spelling anomalies: “Mackbook”, “corporative”.

  • ltap917

    If the burglary of a celebrity gets a lot of press then it’s a good thing. People should be aware that even if you live in the Heights, you should keep your door and windows locked especially at night. I don’t think that Kerri lives in the Heights but in an adjoining neighborhood but that doesn’t change the fact that we all need to be aware of our own security.

  • GHB

    It’s equally important during the day as well, since many of these miscreants look for opportunities in upscale neighborhoods while people are away at work.