Brooklyn Heights Real Estate Open Thread 11/24/13

Here are some real estate headlines to get you talking:

Pierhouse Reveals Pricing, Will Start at $1.5 Million [Curbed]

Condos That Fund a Brooklyn Park [NY Times]

Berm Baby Berm [BHB]

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  • Jorale-man

    For all the debate about whether or not condos belong in BBP, another question comes to mind: for $1.5 million+ where are the neighborhood amenities? The closest grocery store or drug store is a good hike from there. I guess that was part of why they built the pedestrian bridge to the Heights. But still, for that kind of money, I’d rather not have to walk 15 minutes to get a carton of milk.

  • Heights Observer

    it’s hard to believe that after spending that kind of money there is not going to be a sense of entitlement on the part of the condo owners that they also own the park. My guess is that they will exert a great deal of influence as to what goes on in that park in the future figuring that they are helping to pay for its upkeep and deserve that. Therein lies the problem of this type of arrangement.

    I may be wrong and I hope I am, but lets face it, the rich ALWAYs get what they want. As an example, just look at the placement of Jane’s Carousel and the spoiling of a great view.

  • OldTimer

    The residents at OBBP have no say about what goes on with respect to BBP events, crowd control, traffic flow/parking, etc, (the exponentially increasing usage is a double-edged sword, in some ways — it’s really a great development for the Brooklyn waterfront and for NYC in general to have such a beautiful, exciting venue, but there’s no type of balance for the 1000’s of residents who are expected to live there to fund BBP and make it succeed) so don’t worry. The Carousel involved one rich person- Walentas – who got his way.

  • Heights Observer

    The new condo owners are not funding everything surely, but only contributing to the running of the park.

    OBBP was is a private building that sits at the edge of the park, while the new condos are being built IN the park of what was public land taken from all of us. The price point of the new condos, and the hotel amenities gives me pause. These people will want their own way if there is a conflict with the park. I hope you are right, but I must say I have my doubts.
    By the way, Walentas got his way in many things in Dumbo, the carousel being a very minor one. It will be these “Under the radar” things that we will probably never hear about or will when it is too late to do something about them.

  • Arch Stanton

    Good point, I’ll bet the free movies and music events in the park will be a thing of the past once the condo/hotel opens for biz…

  • OldTimer

    actually, OBBP is totally within the BBP footprint; the real estate is subject to a ground lease with BBP; residents pay PILOT, not regular real estate taxes.

  • Heights Observer

    What you say may be the case, but that would mean that the land for OBBP, when the building was owned by the Jehovah’ s Witnesses, was leased from the Port Authority. So a public entity helps fund rich people’s housing?

    Things start out as one thing and end up being another. Battery Park City used public bonds to fund a site to build moderate priced rental housing so “that the Wall St. secretary could walk to work.” it didn’t happen and you can check how many secretaries can afford to live there. Take a walk there and check out the sense of self- entitlement that has developed there and it will happen here too.

    In any event, it’s still a bad fit. The new owners and businesses will have a sense park ownership because they feel they are paying the bills. I guess it’s natural, but I don’t have to like it and I don’t want my tax dollars to fund housing for the rich and powerful.

  • Heights Obverver

    When you spend that much, you get things delivered by Fresh Direct etc. Also, the buildings are supposed to have “hotel amenities” whatever that means and eventually, stores will follow.

  • Renter

    I apologize if this post is inappropriate. I’m newly separated and in urgent need of a sublet in the Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO area. It will just be me, but the neighborhood is important, since I need to be very close to my children. I’m open to a sublet for a few months or longer.

    I’m neat, not a partier, drinker, drug user or smoker, have excellent financials/credit and will be respectful of your property. Thanks in advance!