84th Precinct Police Blotter – 11/7/13

Thievery at the UA (and I don’t mean the ticket prices), and a man strikes it rich at Check Cashing. It’s this week’s blotter.

Usually the stack of police reports is huge in the summer, because it’s too hot to be inside, so people would rather cause trouble outdoors. Yesterday’s, however, bucked the trend, as I was at Crime Analysis a good hour and I couldn’t even get to all of them. So here they are, the police reports I could get to:

Last Sunday at 7:50 a.m., a woman was robbed at gunpoint at Bond and Bergen Sts. Among the items stolen were an iPod, iPhone and AMEX card.

The day before at the UA Court Street theater, a pair of Google Glasses disappeared from a man’s backpack. The victim, described as a 38-year-old visiting from Portland, Ore., said he put his backpack on the seat beside him, but when he went to leave the theater he noticed the glasses were gone. A tracking device located them on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx, though the report didn’t say if they were ever retrieved. My thinking is no. And have I told you about my short film on bikes that ws partly filmed on Google Glass? (Not his.) No? Well, here you go.

A week earlier, also at the UA, a man’s cell phone was stolen; he later received a call from the thief trying to sell it back to him.

Last Thursday, a 38-year-old woman left her pocketbook on the floor near the bar at 61 Local (called “Club 61″ in the report); when she later grabbed the bag, a $400 iPod, a $120 Metrocard and $120 cash were gone.

The following day, a 74-year-old woman shopping at a Goodwill on Livingston St had her bag stolen from her shopping cart.

That same day, a 33-year-old returned to her apartment on State St to find her air conditioner removed and two Macbook laptops totaling $2,100 gone.

While a husband and wife argued at Dinosaur BBQ last Tuesday, a perp grabbed her handbag and fled.

On October 26th, a 43-year-old Boerum Hill resident discovered her car window had been smashed and a $2,000 shearling jacket, $500 down jacket, and what was described as a $1,000 bag of decorative mirrors stolen.

That night, a thief broke into Brooklyn Industries on Jay St and made off with $940 worth of coats and $390 worth of shirts. He also left his own coat behind with ID inside.

Another car was broken into on Monday the 28th at Atlantic and Nevins during the daytime with a screwdriver. The thief or thieves got away with a $500 iPad and $600 cash.

At this point during my transcribing, a female rookie was telling another cop that she had just gotten in trouble for the outfits she wore when not in uniform. The fact that she was wearing boots with 5-inch heels confirmed her story in my mind. “They’re trying to jam me up for the way I dress, meanwhile I’m the only one on business casual days who has to be more business than casual. They see that they can’t break me though.” You tell em! I think I’m recruiting her for the fashion police.

Finally, the Report of the Week comes to you from Ridge Check Cashing on Flatbush Ave Ext. A man asked a cashier for $578 in dollar bills; instead she gave him hundred dollar bills, bringing the haul to over $10,000. Instead of making a beeline to the closest Love Boat, the accidental thief was later cuffed by nearby cops for not returning the loot. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • jivika

    nice one! enjoyed spoke as well. how’d you get your hands on google glasses? (guessing it wasn’t the UA) ;)

  • HeatherQuinlan

    Thanks! I borrowed them from my friend Virginia, she writes about tech for Yahoo and so Google sent them to her. I will not be bringing them to the movies.

  • caroline

    this is so funny….they usually are when Heather writes them, but this is particularly funny….love the fashion police…gotta change my own Court Street theater purse policies…