84th Precinct Police Blotter – 10/31/13

Welcome to macabre tales of such blood-curdling terror that you’ll all be sleeping with your deadbolts on. It’s a special Halloween police blotter.

I tried my best to dig up stories of werewolves and vampires in the police reports, but they must only be in the 76. Here’s what I do have:

Be on the lookout for a gray 2007 Jeep Liberty, NY lic#EML5583. It was stolen while idling on Smith St. between Dean and Pacific after the driver left her keys in the ignition.

Two cabbies were robbed within hours of each other last Saturday. The first incident took place around 6:45 pm on Smith and Schermerhorn, after two fares turned on their driver, who handed over his cash. The second was on Henry and Joralemon at 11:20 pm, when two men–one wearing a gas mask–threatened a cabbie and made off with $100. (Now THAT’S creepy.) If I may, I will put on my Columbo jacket for Halloween and say that these two cases are related, though police have no leads yet.

A man and woman must have been planning an elaborate hairy costume, as they stole $1,317 worth of hair tubes from Indique salon on Bond St.

A week earlier, two women got into an altercation after one used the other’s hair gel. Both were arrested.

Last Wednesday, a 43-year-old man was cuffed for trying to steal Body Elements Moisturizing Gel Gloves. (Now THAT’S creepy too.)

Finally, around 4 am last Friday, a man playing the role of Good Samaritan confronted a thief whom he saw lifting an iPhone from the pocket of a sleeping straphanger. “That ain’t right,” he told him. The perp must have agreed—or the Samaritan was a big guy—because he handed over the phone to the Atlantic Ave booth clerk. The unwitting victim was awoken at Stillwell Ave and reunited with her phone. And that’s this week’s blotter. Enjoy your Reese’s Pieces!

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