Cranberry Street’s Richanda Rhoden Is NY1’s ‘New Yorker Of The Week’

Long time Cranberry Street resident and the creator of the Cranberry Street Fair Richanda Rhoden has been named NY1’s ‘New Yorker of the Week”.

Oddly enough, the fair’s origins are similar to the founding of this site — newbies to the nabe looking to meet the neighbors:

NY1: When Richanda Rhoden and her husband moved to Cranberry Street in 1960, they didn’t know a single person. So Richanda went out with the hope of meeting some of her Brooklyn Heights neighbors.

“I had a little table out on the street, you know, selling little things, thinking I could talk to people who came by. I got to know a few people, and that was really the way it started.”

That little table is now the Cranberry Street Fair – a tradition that’s repeated every fall in front of her house.

NY1 does make one error in the report, Ms. Rhoden’s husband was John Rhoden not Richard.

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  • AnnofOrange

    Nice piece! This is wonderful recognition for a very special person…a Brooklyn Heights treasure! Thank you to the person(s) who nominated Richanda.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve been attending for decades, and I’m afraid that the Cranberry Street Fair is slowly dying. It used to take up two full blocks, and had pony rides, participation by the Middagh Street fire station—whose big engines the kids loved to climb on—and lots more activities. It now takes up a lot less than a full block, between Hicks and Willow. I’m not sure how to get more people to participate. Maybe turning it into a Fruit Street Festival, instead of just a Cranberry Street one, would bring in lots more enthusiastic participants. Any other ideas here?