Squadron Squished By Tish In Public Advocate Run Off

NYC Councilmember Tish James soundly defeated our man in the NYS Senate Daniel Squadron in today’s runoff election for Public Advocate.

It’s unclear whether his elusive answers regarding an anti-James robocall campaign during a NY1 interview Monday swayed voters.

The official count:

Letitia James 111,460 59.57%
Daniel Squadron 75,657 40.43%
4947 of 4984 precincts reporting (99.26%)

The runoff itself was controversial as its cost was $13 million dollars to taxpayers for an office that only has a $2 million annual budget. Considering the voter turnout for this race that’s about $69 per vote (at least in BHB’s fuzzy math).

Squadron will continue to serve Brooklyn Heights and NYS senate district 26. No word on whether he plans on running for another term in 2014.

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  • Andrew Porter

    My phone has been inundated with robocalls from dozens of sources during this campaign. Apparently I was targeted because I actually vote in most elections.

  • wally haskell

    Change your phone number to an unlisted number.

  • marshasrimler

    Tish’s decisive victory was very well deserved. She is of the people and will do a great job.
    We are fortunate to have her as our next Public Advocate

  • Topham Beauclerk

    An endorsement by the Post is the kiss of death.

  • Josef

    Is that almost $70 per vote?

  • MonroeOrange

    When Tish tears down your precious library, you will see all the politicians are the same..just another empty suit, serving their own interests. I’m curious what you’ll say about her then.

  • wally


  • marshasrimler

    stay tuned

  • MonroeOrange

    I hope im proved wrong:)

  • marshasrimler

    as i said stay tuned

  • Guest123

    Thirteen million down the drain to stroke two frail egos. Thanks “Kid”, you’re certainly acting like one.

  • MonroeOrange

    bye bye library, it was nice knowing you.

  • brooklynlifer

    Not a good election cyle for the boys from the Schumer Shop.

  • marshasrimler

    thats Squadron, Weiner and Yassky-all fall down

  • Michael D. D. White

    I DO agree with snide “MonroeOrange” that the tearing down of libraries was a significant issue in the campaign. I DON’T agree with “MonroeOrange” that Tish James as public advocate won’t continue following through taking on Ratner and saving our libraries. The question is whether Mr. Squadron, still in office as a state senator, will follow through (as vouched for by Assembly Member Joan Millman) on his press release that he is NOW OPPOSING the sell-off of NYC libraries including the precious one in Brooklyn Heights. For more, see: Monday, September 23, 2013, Sell-Offs Of New York City Libraries Gets Focus In Public Advocate Runoff Race Between James and Squadron.