Lame Graffiti In Brooklyn Heights Hits New Low With ‘Blurred Lines’ Reference

Unless you’re a time traveller from 1975, a member of the Warriors or a writer at Complex magazine, you know that graffiti is lame. Case in point – the refrain of the popular song “Blurred Lines” scrawled on this utility box on Cranberry Street. You have been assaulted by the lyric – ‘you know you want it’ – hundreds of times unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few months.

Harmless? Nope. The Robin Thicke hit has been banned from being played in bars at five British universities who have ruled it “excuses rape culture”.

As a matter of fact, we’re including the safe as milk Jimmy Fallon version here because the official video of the song has many naked ladies in it (however if you feel you MUST watch that version for RESEARCH ONLY you can see it here):

So, who’s gonna call Captain Cleanup to fix up this mess?

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  • Claude Scales

    “Unless you’re a time traveller from 1975, a member of the Warriors or a writer at Complex magazine”…or a writer for the New York Times?

  • 80 Cranberry resident

    This wasn’t a reference to the song. It has been there for about 3 months now and was written by some kids who placed old dolls / toys under it on the sidewalk. (It was referring to the stuff they were giving away.) Still wrong that they did it. Graffiti still sucks. It should be fixed.

  • MonroeOrange

    ha!…yeah, im not sure how the writer can say that is graffiti

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Perhaps paint it something nice and people will leave it be. (Maybe the folks that are doing murals can do some of our utility structures like this.)

    If this is considered problem graffiti, you haven’t seen much. I consider the jerks who painted the houses on middaugh between henry and hicks supreme idiots and I am a former graffiti artist. (All of my work is legal now)
    NEver disrepect someone’s home..

  • Cranberry Beret

    What middagh street graffiti?

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Walk on the fire station side of the street, and the last 3 buildings near the corner of hicks have spray paint tags on them.

  • BJL

    That’s true! I also live at Cranberry 80 and remember these impromptu junk performances, which seemed to have started simultaneously to the recent sidewalk replacement (back in the spring?). They were actually quite funny sometimes. At first I thought the sidewalk workers had started these old toy displays themselves, as a gag…