Empire Stores Redevelopment Plan Revealed

It was announced last week that Midtown Equities had been chosen as the developer for the adaptive re-use of the historic Empire Stores warehouse buildings, which extend along Water Street between Dock and Main streets in DUMBO. There was, however, no immediate announcement of which of the anonymous “team” entries revealed in June was the winning design. We now know that it was “Team 5″ that was chosen, a design by Studio V Architecture for Midtown Equities, which includes a glass arcade at the roof level.
Here’s another view, showing almost the whole building from above. Renderings are by Studio V Architecture, via DUMBO NYC. You can see more renderings at Brownstoner.

Empire Stores already has one announced major tenant, furniture mart West Elm, which will move its store and corporate headquarters there.

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  • Roberto

    Attention, Midtown Equities’ Team 5 will bring much-needed commercialism to our neighborhood park. It will complement the million dollar townhouses and luxury hotel under construction. Imagine a park with a mall – Empire Stores will do just that. And, look for the upcoming black-tie ball which honors AT&T’s NY State President. Join our benefactors at a sit-down dinner and reception – $25,000 tickets are still available. Rumors are that Prospect Park and even Central Park are considering malls, hotels and high-end housing. Just kidding?

  • HenryLoL

    And just what would you have suggested?

  • marshasrimler

    a park-not a combination of disneyland and bloomingdales

  • HenryLoL

    I dont know what there is to complain about: An awsome new public park on top with great views… Great new restaurants… Space for tech-related companies to house offices…

  • Roberto

    If it were put to a real vote, I would choose different contents for that piece of public land, I would not place the fate of our park in the hands of a developer who won Walmart’s “Vendor of the Year” prize. In a Bloombergian city, the rule seems to be that public lands are used as revenue drivers for real estate interests. The luxury hotel is being built on subsidized public land with “cheap” workers who have few protections. Of course, there are others who don’t mind that sort of thing. For packed, noisy cityscapes, I feel that it’s much more relaxing and sustainable to set aside low-density, non-commercial recreational spaces. One neighbor decried the park’s move towards “Disneyland and Bloomingdales.” We’re not there yet, but the future does not look promising for a park area that is a backyard for Walentas’ apartments and public land slated to be a condo heaven.

  • Stephen

    how will they fill these when the apartment complex at brooklyn bridge prk and atlantic ave has vacant retail stores? Why not try to fil those first?

  • HenryLoL

    Some people are just hilarious! This was a place you could be raped in 20 years ago. And now you are complaining that there may be a place to buy an expensive taco and sit on a roof deck? Get over yourself. You fight change for no reason.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    “A park” But what would you do with those buildings? For once, though I hate to admit it, I actually kind of agree with LOL on this one. Restaurants, retail and offices are much better than more condos.

  • Rocky Raccoon

    Blue Diamond is looking for a new happy ending site.

  • David on Middagh

    Actually, a backrub place with a river/park overview is not a bad idea, RR.