The Village Voice Covers Della Pietra’s On Atlantic Avenue

The Village Voice, which in our opinion is reading more like the Onion than the Voice of yore, covers Atlantic Avenue’s newest business Della Pietra’s Gourmet Meats. After a few snarky comments about the store’s website and its claim that the store is located in Cobble Hill (it’s really Brooklyn Heights but we’ve “advised” the store to leave it that way to see if it starts a trend..sure oh sure), the piece is complimentary.

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Village Voice: One thing the store is not is cheap: Some of the steaks here sell for $40 a pound, so the clientele Della Pietra’s seeks are eaters who will settle for nothing less than the finest, cost be damned. Those looking to feed the masses with cheap eats will probably defer to Key Foods, Trader Joe’s or one of the halal butchers along the bustling section of Atlantic Avenue where the store makes it home.

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  • Brandon

    I looked at their meat, which has hardly any marbling. How that could be called “the best” is a mystery to me. It’s the marbling that makes a great steak.

  • HenryLoL

    You should read Wolcott’s ‘Lucking Out’

  • AEB

    Visited the store a few days ago at about 1:00 PM. The major display case was empty. Totally. It wasn’t clear that they were actually in business

  • BKLYN11201

    Brandon,burned 2 steaks from dellapietras and they were worth the money try them.Best in the heights

  • DellaPietra’s

    To Homer & the BHB gang, thanks for your continued support and coverage! Thanks as well to those who have shopped in the last few weeks, your patronage is well appreciated… Check our Instagram so our product could speak for itself! @dellapietrasmeats

  • DIBS

    I was there a week ago or so…very little selection, poor merchandising throughout the rest of the store and prices that were ridiculous

  • Andrew Porter

    The upscale butchers on Clark Street have been there for years, and have offered excellent meats, variety and service for a long time.

  • MonroeOrange

    you may want to respond to DIBS and AEB…so we can know if it was just a case of first week low inventory or not…just sayin

  • DellaPietra’s

    Thanks for the heads up Monroe!

    As a new business we are still growing and adjusting to the neighborhood and it’s needs. We have added many items since first opening and would love for those who visited and didn’t find anything that piqued their interest to come back in and give us their feedback. That’s what we’re all about and we would love your input!

  • Michael

    The bacon there is amazing!