Design Brooklyn Covers Carriage House Reno On Grace Court Alley

Design Brooklyn has a great feature on a Grace Court Alley carriage house renovation. Aside from being one of the best stops for good kids in great costumes on Halloween, the home is beautiful inside and out. View all the photos and read the full story here.

Design Brooklyn: Although the owners of this 1850s carriage house in Brooklyn Heights finished major renovations in 2009 just in time for their wedding, they have been perfecting it ever since. With the help of Baxt Ingui Architects, the couple transformed what had been a hasty renovation job by a developer into an elegant and open, multi-level home.

Because the brownstone on the exterior of the building matches that of Grace Church at the end of the block (the church is one of Brooklyn’s great landmarks, built in 1854), the owners surmise that the house not only dates from the decade but also served as a carriage house for the church until it was turned into an apartment building in 1919. While excavating a basement that had previously been filled in with soil, they found evidence that the ground floor had been used as a parking garage while the floor above housed tenants. Milk bottles from 1919 were found in the earth, and the couple display these on a windowsill as decoration.

(h/t Curbed, Brownstoner)

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  • Claude Scales

    Grace Church was built in 1846.

  • PB

    Claude, you’re a lot closer than that article but a still a little off.

    According to the church’s own website:

    “The church’s cornerstone was laid on June 29, 1847, and the first service in the completed building was held on December 10, 1848.”

  • Claude Scales

    Hmmm…I didn’t write that comment. Has my Disqus account been hacked?

  • David on Middagh

    It’s usually a family member…

  • lois

    Carriage houses were built to house the horse and carriage on the ground floor, and servants on the second floor. Later, these carriage houses were changed to parking spaces for cars on the ground floor and living quarters on the second floor.

  • Brandon

    There’s a carriage house on College Place for sale at $9 mln. This one on Grace Court Alley seems nicer.

  • Andrew Porter

    Or a dog or cat. Are your gerbils not meeting your glances lately?

  • Claude Scales

    Or perhaps Archy the cockroach:, except that there’s capitalization in the comment.