Welcome To Brooklyn Heights Della Pietra’s Gourmet Meats

Della Pietra’s Gourmet Meats 193 Atlantic Avenue appears to be open for business. A BHB reader tweeted us a photo today.

The store posted a video of its construction progress last month.

However a countdown clock on their website touts an opening on Thursday. But then again, the site also claims they’re located in Cobble Hill! In any event, BHB proudly welcomes them the Brooklyn Heights!


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  • guest

    someone on state street just told me they live in cobble hill.

  • EJ

    Stopped in yesterday, everyone was incredibly friendly. Pretty (but expensive) meat, some premade soups, breads, cheeses, olive oils, vinegars.

    Do we need another butcher within 5 blocks? Doubtful. Does it solidify this block’s case for being the best block for food shopping in the city? Likely. I wish ’em luck.

    Homer, let me know if you and Mrs Fink want to grill out some of Della Pietra’s best at Pier 5 tonight…

  • BKlove

    MORE MEAT? UGH. It’s almost obscene at this point. I can only hope they won’t hang dead animals in the window. Another slap in the face to those in the area living vegetarian.

  • MonroeOrange

    ha!…what about all those outdoor vegetable stands! Another slap in the face to those in the area living like a meat eater!

  • Jbbb

    They do in fact have large cuts of meat in the windows, but they’re not hanging.