Open Thread Wednesday 8/14/13

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  • ltap917

    Dr. Eric Last on Schermerhorn.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Join us TODAY at 6:30 PM for a LICH community meeting at the park in front of LICH. There will be a discussion of the latest legal, political, and union updates. Spread the word!

  • Rocky Raccoon

    Carl is acting like a dog. He is expecting the community to pickup his $hit.

  • Losing my mind!

    Anyone live on Willow Street or Columbia Heights between Clark and Pierrepont and hear the incessant flute or recorder playing? We live on the back of a building on WIllow and for the 3rd day in a row, someone has been playing for HOURS (3 or 4 at a lime) this horrible, droning music. If you know this person, or are this person, please stop, or shut your windows. Please be more considerate of your neighbors.

  • MonroeOrange

    no one said criminals are smart people.

  • Roberto

    We can see the Brooklyn Bridge from our window. Each night, the rehabilitation work being done on the Brooklyn Bridge keeps us from sleeping. Naturally, we want the Bridge to be repaired, but the Cadman Plaza West Peace & Quiet Committee has been a critic of how the work is being carried out. Work on bridges throughout Europe and the US, including the Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro Bridges (now Koch Bridge) has been done during the day. The new Tappan Zee Bridge also has restricted work hours. Even though we have had meetings with Congresswoman Velázquez, State Senator Squadron, Assemblywoman Millman, Councilman Levin, the politicos haven’t been able to help. The New York Times ran Cara Buckley’s in-depth article on city din on July 12, 2013 that featured our situation. We are being advised by a prominent expert in the field, Dr. Arline Bronzaft. So far, we still can’t really sleep and the project is expected to go on nightly until 2015. Any ideas?