Open Thread Wednesday 8/7/13

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  • davoyager

    bikers becoming a problem in BBP. I was cursed out by one the other day.

  • Peter Pan

    Too many wasps eggs at Plymouth Church? Thank God baby wasps don’t have double-wipe strollers. Or do they? Read the print on the sign pictured.

  • Bloomy

    And what were you doing to cause this reaction?

  • Joe A


    As of August 6th, a little over two months since inception, NY Bike Share is reporting these statistics:

    Total Trips: 1,819,509 trips
    Total Miles Traveled: 4,138,745 miles
    Total Annual Members: 68,218 members

    So I guess when Monroe Orange said that the Bike Share program would be a total failure he was a bit off the mark. How about his other dire predictions? Are pedestrians being run down on the sidewalks? Have their been scores of bikers maimed? Have emergency vehicles been unable to pick up patients? Have the chains on the bikes rusted? Have all the bikes been stolen? Has it been dangerous to remove the bikes from their racks? In other words, have ANY of the sky is falling predictions of Monroe Orange manifested themselves?

    P.S. bet MO’s comeback will be…. “yeah, well just wait till it snows.”

  • Joe A


    Hate when that happens. For some reason can’t edit comment.

  • mucow

    Drivers becoming a problem on Hicks St.; I was almost hit by one the other day.

  • MonroeOrange

    exactly…like i said about a million times before..wait until the weather changes, and we have unused bikes sitting taking up parking and being an eyesore!

    So Mr. Crusty…you still threateining your neighbors with throwing garbage into their buildings? hmmm?

  • Joe A

    That’s it? That’s all ya got?

    How does it feel to be made a complete fool by your own words? It’s gotta hurt even though I am sure it has been quite a frequent occurrence in your life sweetheart.

  • BrooklynBird

    You say “exactly” like you agree with Joe A., but then go on to argue about your issues with citibike (not City biker)

    Of course biking will lower in the winter. No one can bike with 2 feet of snow on the ground, and no one wants to bike when it’s 10 degrees. This is obvious. I don’t see the problem with it though. For 9-10 months out of the year, the bikes will be used.

    We have discussed them taking up parking spots, haven’t we? No one gave you that parking spot. You never paid for it. These bikes are there and being paid to use.

    Are you really going to single out 1 citibiker for the entire population? I saw two cars double parked today. I saw a car not using their turn signal. Does this mean we should not have cars anymore? I saw someone jay walking. Does this mean we should ticket them?

  • MonroeOrange

    firstly..i said exactly and then explained what i was saying exactly to in the very next sentence…i would think you would be able to understand that..but obviously not…

    Second..9-10 months out of the year?…i said when the weather changes…like gets to be 40-50 and below in oct – end of march. Are you riding in that weather, when your hands will be numb in seconds? no your are not….

    Third…i do expect to have parking available in our neighborhood…i’ve lived here, im sure decades longer than you and have dealt with reduced parking year after year with no complaints…but i will complain and am about taking parking when the bike rack could be put in a park or other location nearby…also, the bike racks, took up parking and made the other spots in which they don’t take up, ‘no standing’ zones…see Clark St.

    Fourthly…Joe A, Mr. Crusty…said people aren’t being mowed down…i was giving him an example,, in which someone was!…is there an issue with showing an actual event in response to someones post..i don’t think so.

  • MonroeOrange

    Mr. Crusty…see my response above…

    are you still threatening people with garbage? well?

  • DrewBurch

    I know. I hear that drivers are getting in accidents all over the city and killing people. Some people even speed, which is totally against the law. The other day I saw someone run a red light and almost kill an old woman. Let’s kid rid of all the cars since a few people are idiots.

  • mucow

    In all seriousness, since they repaved Hicks (which was definitely necessary, don’t get me wrong) I feel like it’s turned into even more of a speedway than usual. Anyone have an update on the slow-zone application the BHA was going to send to the DOT?

  • BrooklynBird

    TONS of people bike in 40-50 degrees. Wear gloves. No biggie!

    Quit complaining. The bikes are here to stay. You may have lived her longer, but that does not give you authority. Accept change. It will make life easier for you.

  • DrewBurch

    In 2011, from which the most recent data is available, there were 307,550 car accidents in NYC resulting in 177, 445 injuries and 1,153 fatalities. In 2012 there were 224 pedestrians injured by a bicyclist with one fatality. You really want to argue that bicycles are unsafe? Then what about cards? Should we ban cars in the city? Or is you real argument, I don’t ride bicycles and therefore they are useless?

  • BrooklynBird

    They should put some speed bumps. It would def. help out.

  • DrewBurch

    Apparently Fire Station 224 on Hicks doesn’t want speed bumps on that street because it will slow them down. At least that’s what was said a few years back at a community meeting.

  • BrooklynBird

    Oh, I never thought about that. It does make sense. Thanks.

  • Alec

    My wife is a NYC Public School teacher and is looking to pick up a bit of tutoring work in her spare time. Anyone know a good place to start? Anyone in the BHB community have kids who need tutoring? She teaches middle school and is particularly skilled at tutoring middle schoolers in English and Math. Thanks! Alec

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    What happened to the @SaveLich tweets??????

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    Okay, I see they’ve been moved to the Cobble Hill Blog.

  • Phineas P. Pineapple.

    Who exactly is in charge of collecting the fallen tree debris on Columbia Heights, near The Standish? The tree branches have been sitting there for weeks and I feel this is seriously impugning the historical nature of our neighborhood. Surely, back in the 1850s, the glory days of the Federalist style, there were no errant tree branches or leaves sitting in the gutters! Won’t someone please think about the history?

  • DrewBurch

    LOL> Call 311.

  • Heightsman

    New to the neighborhood, can anyone recommend a good hospital?

  • mucow

    MO, according to DOT counts, the number of winter cyclists is, at worst, about 41% the summer peak[1]. A decent drop, sure, but not nearly enough to cut usage down to the levels you’re predicting. How about giving the blue devils a try sometime?

    [1], comparing 2/13 (the lowest ridership month) to 8/12 (the highest)

  • mucow

    Also, read this:

    I want to believe it’s possible to follow this through with you, but man, you’re making it hard!

  • Claude Scales

    mucow: I’m quoting below a recent comment by Judy Stanton on another thread:
    “The Brooklyn Heights Association submitted a Slow Zone application to the NYC DOT as of May, 2013. By early fall, we expect to hear whether Brooklyn Heights is selected. Readers are encouraged to check our website ( for information about that.”

  • MonroeOrange

    actually i do ride a bike..just not a cityibike…and i see how dangerous it is for both the rider and pedestrians…my point, which i think i’ve made numerous times, is that, citibike puts more inexperienced bike riders without helmets, into the mix, and ultimately, that is a set up for accidents and fatalities…so, which i have stated numerous times, i think its extremely irresponsible of the city to put more bikes on the street without the riders being required to wear a helmet…

  • MonroeOrange

    i have tried them before, as i wanted to be objective..and the bikes are probably the worst designed bike i have riden, heavy, clunky and slow.

  • MonroeOrange

    so Joe A, who threatened to throw garbage at people gets no down arrows…but i do?!