Open Thread Wednesday 7/31/13

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  • Rick

    Are you really serious when you talk about driving across bridges in a healthcare emergency?

    For someone who sometimes refers to driving in New York City, you seem to have little understanding about how long it can take to get across our bridges, nor any understanding of how critical time is in a medical emergency.
    Sure, sometimes getting across the bridges is a breeze, but as someone who has traveled thousands of times by car over those bridges, I can testify that those times are the exception, not the norm.

    And while I agree that there are some excellent hospitals in Manhattan, you might want to know that LICH has several specialties that are rated among the best in America, and overall is rated very good for New York City.

  • slyvester

    Wrong again, LOL. I was there, and I am not a union member. You are such a douche.

  • Heights_Neighbor

    I saw a shower of some sort being held during brunch hours at Gran Electrica a few weeks ago in the front room. I think that place is fantastic. You should inquire. The garden is also large and may work.

  • Ann B Chapin

    College Place has been a regular stop for dog owners for many years ( I have been here 36 ) Clean-up has gotten better, but not the urine streams in front of our doorways! MUST the dogs sniff ETC. on the residential side of the street???

  • KT

    It may be good for pedestrians on Montague & Henry, but I see delivery trucks heading to Key Food getting stuck all the time trying to make the turn.

  • ab_bklyn

    I had my birthday brunch this year at Gran Electrica and it was great, but the menu options are limited for a group over 10. What about AlMar in DUMBO? They have a large communal table in the center as well as a more private table in the back and their brunch is pretty great, IMO. How many people will there be?

  • Hicksanthrope

    Are there any true self park lots in the area that have monthly parking?

  • Jorale-man

    I’ve only been to Red Gravy on Atlantic for dinner but I imagine they have a good brunch. I love Chez Moi next door. Maybe not a “corporate ambiance” but very nice atmosphere and good food.

  • Nancy


  • Nancy

    Give it a rest Henry

  • Susan Raboy

    I too was there as were many Heights residents. Guess HenryLOL wasn’t!

  • Susan Raboy

    I have lived in the Heights for over 40 yrs. LICH saved my life 2 yrs ago. So, HenryLOL please do not call me random. I do not work for a union or LICH. I live here and have a right to use my hospital. No one is making you use it so please be quiet! And, there are many just like.

  • Claude Scales

    To be fair, he does comment on restaurants and sidewalk extensions.

  • HenryLoL

    Of course I wasn’t there! Ad I was talking about the photo and there were not ‘many’ heights residents there. Lol.

  • HenryLoL

    Wow. You are so so so transparent. You must think everyone is an idiot. They are not speaking up, but nobody believes you!! Anyone other than the other blind followers and the self involved… Yes, a bridge. Heaven forbid!

  • HenryLoL

    Fakers. We see right through you!

  • BrooklynBugle

    Meanwhile… at the Brooklyn Bugle a debate is brewing over the IT’S SHOWTIME troupes from the NYC subway:

  • HenryLoL

    You should be ashamed of yourself for egging this on. Very sad showing.

  • Susan Raboy

    and that just happens to be only one of the photos. Shame on you

  • Claude Scales

    How am I “egging this on”? All I did, in a modest way, was come to your defense.

  • Rick

    OK, so what do you think, readers of the Brooklyn Heights Blog?

    HenryLOL has written more than once here that he can drive himself over the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridge while he is experiencing a medical emergency and then drive the additional distance to his hospital of choice, NYU Langone Medical Center at 1st Ave. and 30th Street.

    I have written here more than once that is not a safe thing to do during a medical emergency, that traffic can be bad over those bridges, as well as on Manhattan streets and on the FDR, and that minutes matter during many medical emergencies, such as a heart attack or stroke.

    HenryLOL just wrote that: “They are not speaking up, but nobody believes you!!”

    Is that true, does nobody believe me?
    Do you all agree with HenryLOL?

  • HenryLOL

    Yes — a place on Atlantic in the building next to where the Y is.

  • moni

    What a jerk. “Let them eat cake,” said Marie Antoinette. “Let them drive accross the Bridge,” says HenryLoL, “. . . or hail a taxi, or get a car service, or call an ambulance (nix that: it would take too long) . . . or how about a limo. or they could jog across (sorry, I forgot they might not be able but, well, they could crawl, maybe). By the way, which bridge? (just in case one is closed in the direction of Manhattan for repairs).

  • MonroeOrange

    HenryLol..pessimist much?..claude was definetly defending you?!

  • MonroeOrange

    as long as you don’t have a heart attack, in the next 3 years past 11pm as there is construction on the bridge and the brooklyn bridge is closed to manhattan traffic…so you will have to take the manhattan bridge, which is endlessly congested now at night, bc of the construction. So your right on the other side of bridge argument is not true.

    Maybe you should actually think before you speak…i know that may prove difficult..learn a little more about how this affects you..

  • Hicksanthrope

    Thank you HenryLoL

  • Heightsman

    Went to Bevacco tonight – very good. Guy’s got a touch with food. Place was busy too.

  • Remsen Street Dweller
  • Marathoner

    There is no stopping in the red zone, the white zone is for loading and unloading only