Sociale Opening July 29th On Henry Street

More news on Henry St. restaurants: Northern Italian eatery Sociale, located at 72 Henry St., will be opening its doors Monday, July 29th at 11am (after a weekend of private parties). Click the below menus to enlarge. In addition, it will be featured in a Banana Republic commercial filming this Thursday from 7am-noon; the theme is Christmas, so get ready for Christmas in July in the Heights.

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  • cristina

    non vedo l’ora…in bocca lupo per tutti li

  • DrewBurch

    I’m always excited when a new restaurant opens in the hood, but ANOTHER italian place… really? I’ll give it a try but on first look I don’t see much that differentiates it from the other 20 italian places in the neighborhood.

  • DIBS

    Damn. I’ll be gone and won’t be back until Aug 12

    Godd luck, Francesco.

  • francesco

    i’ll keep your carbonara warm.

  • DIBS


  • DIBS

    20? Name them.

  • The Henrik Lundqvist Blog

    I’m very excited to try this place. The menu looks great.

  • francesco

    thank you. looking forward to meet and have you at Sociale!

  • ltap917

    Well, there certainly aren’t 20 Italian restaurants in Brooklyn Heights and even if there were, most of them are mediocre. I had lunch at Bevacco twice and was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Armando’s is mediocre at best.
    Good luck to this new restaurant.

  • francesco

    thank you!

  • HenryLoL

    The menu looks great.

  • francesco

    thank you so much.

  • DrewBurch

    Maybe I have a bit wider interpretation of the hood than you. Here are 15 within a short walk, off the top of my head:

    Queen, Noodle Pudding, Bevacco, Buono Gusto, River Deli, Bocco Lupo, Armando’s, Red Gravy, Sosta, Fernandinos, Caselnova, Brucie, Lunetta, Savoia, Marco Polo

    Add in some pizza joints that serve italian dishes and the list expands. All that said, I wish them the best and hope it is great. I just wish we had a bit more variety in the neighborhood. It seems like every other restaurant that open in the area is an Italian place.

  • MonroeOrange got played by Drew…he did name them! Now eat your Spaghetti carbonara!

  • MonroeOrange

    Henrylol…if you go, that will eliminate half his business!

  • DIBS

    Queen makes the WORST carbonara ever. Armando’s isn’t much better.

  • gerrymander

    Might want to omit SOSTA. As of yesterday, there was paper up on the windows. I suspect it’ll be reinventing itself for the third time by my count…if it survives at all.

  • DrewBurch

    I NEVER order off the regular menu at Queen. The seasonal menu is always great, but everyone has different tastes…

  • HenryLOL

    I knew you were an idiot — now you have proved it.

  • Arch Stanton

    Stop paraphrasing my insults, think up your own.