Confirmed: Gabriele Corcos Headed To Bevacco

Update: Corcos will be Executive Chef… DEVELOPING…

As we reported over the weekend, the host of TV’s Extra Virgin and now Brooklynite Gabriele Corcos has been spotted in Brooklyn Heights. We enjoyed speculating where he’d wind up in the area, and he dropped another big clue yesterday via Twitter:

And as commenter “karay” points out the Bevacco website has been updated to list Corcos as Executive Chef.

This could be a full acquisition of the eatery for Corcos and his wife/actress/Brooklynite Debi Mazar since their attempt to buy Park Slope’s Fornino earlier this year fell through.

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  • neighboronhicks

    i’ve seen him, his wife and their kids at or on their way into bevacco several times in recent weeks…

  • DIBS

    I sat next to the new chef’s HUSBAND at the bar on Friday. It wasn’t these two.

  • karay
  • DIBS

    Yeah, I just saw that too. WTF

    Who was this guy sitting at the bar then sharing food with the bartender and saying that his wife was the new chef???

  • DIBS

    Probably a new sous chef.

  • DIBS

    Well, congratulations. Can’t wait to see the new menu.

    Will there be a cheese course????

  • HenryLoL

    The key is a new manager and better-trained staff.

  • Montague Street Dad

    I really rate the food at Bevacco. The service is mediocre.

  • mdm

    good luck to the new chef. i’ve eaten here & the food & service need major uplifting. i’m insulted that this is being represented as fine dining. staff borders on the rude & when crowded the noise level is deafening.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    My wife went to Bevacco last night, (I’m under the weather) and had scallops $17, an item that wasn’t on the menu, and spaghetti with garlic $12 as appetizers with branzino $30 as a main course (another item off the menu). She enjoyed the meal prepared by Gabriele with 2 glasses of wine $22. the cost was $88 w/tax and $101 with the tip. The Manhattanization of Brooklyn Heights I presume with respect to cost. With 3.5 MM condos down the block on Middagh and Henry I guess this is a window into the new Brooklyn Heights price structure. I love gentrification. hehehe

  • HenryLoL

    we went as well. It was nice that they now start with an amuse bouche… And there was for sure a pep in the step of the staff — which is the real problem here. Sadly, they really do need to get rid of the manager and get new staff for it to work. Also, I was sad to see that some items on the menu were exactly the same — just renamed something else. I was expecting a whole new experience. It really is just so confusing… Went to the new place in DUMBO (Atrium) and it was amazing!