Is Extra Virgin’s Gabriele Corcos Headed To A Brooklyn Heights Eatery?

Let the speculation begin!

Twitter user Rusty Buehler spotted celebrity chef/Brooklynite/Tuscan/Debi Mazar’s husband Gabriele Corcos on Henry Street this week. Could the scrappy chef of TV’s ‘Extra Virgin’ be headed to the soon-to-be-opened Sociale? Or could he be providing a power boost to Henry Street’s other Italian eateries Bevacco or Noodle Pudding? If the spotting was closer to Montague Street that could mean Corcos could be headed to Dellaroccos, River Deli or Armando’s. While we’re at it, we can randomly guess with no proof whatsoever that the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar may want to up its game. Or, we can totally bum out the whole room by suggesting that Corcos will end up on the other side of Atlantic and not in Brooklyn Heights proper.

What do you think? We’ll know soon as Mazar says an announcement is coming “next week”.

Corcos RTs us…hmmmmm!

….and the plot thickens…

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  • Peter Pan

    Maybe looking for a LICH condo?

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    I can’t wait to find out where Gabriele is going to be cooking in Brooklyn Heights. He and Deborahhh are such fun to watch on Extra Virgin, and he is a wonderful cook. He makes everything seem so easy to make, and whatever he makes always looks so delicious.

  • montague

    finally that strip on henry will get a decent restaurant

  • HenryLoL

    I saw him a few weeks ago sitting on the steps with a bunch of others on the 75 Henry co-op townhouses. The only option there would be Bevvaco. Dont know if he is a good chef or not, but if he brings a manager along with him, that would be even better than a new chef. I guess it could also be the new tiny place on Henry & Orange (Social), but I think that chef was already on this blog chiming in on what he was going to be cookng.

  • DIBS

    Actually, she is rather annoying. But I hope they bring their gay friend along. He’s a trip.

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    Hey DIBS, I agree that her extreme NY/Brooklyn accent (or whatever it is called) is annoying, and she definitely is not a cook and seems to be riding along on her husband’s cooking skills,, but the show is still fun to watch. Try it.

  • HenryLoL

    I hope he reads this blog and takes some advice. Went to Noodle Pudding for dinner this week. JAM PACKED. LINE OUT THE DOOR! Bev looked so sad and had 2 tables. It is run terribly. I hope that GC can use his influence to hire a new manager and get new staff.