#SaveLICH Update: Appellate Court Stays Thompson Appointment

The Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court today stayed the appointment of William Thompson Sr. as a “mediator” or “special master” in the conflict between Long Island College Hospital staff and SUNY Downstate Medical Center, which seeks to close and sell the hospital. The stay results from an appeal by SUNY of Judge Johnny Lee Baynes’ order appointing Thompson. SUNY has also appealed Judge Baynes’ order blocking it from closing LICH. The appellate court has not yet acted on that appeal. The stay of the Thompson appointment, which preserves the status quo while the appeal is pending, does not indicate how the appellate court may decide the merits of the appeal. The stay also does not affect the order of Judge Carolyn Demarest, also described here, that requires SUNY to account for LICH funds.

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  • BrooklynLifer

    What’s with Cuomo? His SUNY folk are scrambling around in Supreme and now Appellate Court trying to justify their mismanagement and illegal closing of LICH and the Guv just stays out of sight. The peeps will remember!

  • JW

    SUNY appealed Judge Baynes order blocking them from closing LICH. He gave that order in February. SUNY ignored it – technically didn’t “close” LICH – the doors are still open – but they are forcing patients to go elsewhere & are keeping the hospital empty of almost everything (except the staff which is all still there). If I was the judge, I’d say they should have appealed the order when it was handed down in February – not 6 months after the judgement was made & after they repeatedly violated it. Show them the handcuffs and throw away the key.