84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/25/13

Tempers flare with the heat, wallets go missing and lawyers get bamboozled. It’s this week’s blotter.

Hello there, everybody! (This is me doing my best Mel Allen impersonation. How about that?) Let’s start the blotter with the wallets this week. Nothing in the ballpark of a few weeks ago, where wallets worth more than the cash inside them were disappearing all around the neighborhood. In this go-round, the first incident took place on June 15th at Brands For Less, where a 24-year-old woman accidentally left her wallet after she paid for her merchandise. When she returned, it was gone. I feel for her, last week was so crazed that I was leaving things all over the place, and on Wednesday left my wallet at Staples. Luckily they found it before I offered someone $1,000 to get me a new driver’s license.

Three days later at Pretty Girl, someone stole a woman’s wallet with $250 cash from inside her shirt pocket.

At 11:30 am on June 21st at the Key Food on Atlantic, a 36-year-old woman left her wallet on top of her baby’s stroller as she shopped, only to find it gone before she hit the cash register. I suspect the baby.

On that same day, someone got lucky at Lucky on Smith—he or she stole $839 worth of shorts; $495 worth of jeans, and $594 worth of shirts, all from the display tables.

A man climbed into an apartment on Pierrepont St through the fire escape, where the resident, a 33-year-old man, awoke and scared him off.

A case of road rage resulted in a stabbing on Myrtle Ave last Saturday night. A 24-year-old man was cut off by another driver, and when they reached a red light both got out of their cars and started fighting. The 24-year-old was stabbed, and the perp is at large.

A 45-year-old Saugerties, NY resident had his car broken into after he parked it outside 2 Prince St. The thief smashed the rear passenger window and stole a laptop, iPod, and Bose headphones.

A 2009 black Vespa was stolen from outside 92 Hoyt St, though it was later recovered.

A lawyer with offices on Court St was robbed on May 27th; subsequently, two checks totaling $4,200 were written against her account.

And a law firm employee admitted to stealing a total of $83,000 from the corporate account. He is, however, currently at large.

Finally, a man said his acquaintance stole $1,400 from his apartment. When he confronted her, she admitted it, though she too, is still at large. The moral of the reports this week (as in every week) is watch out for your belongings or they’ll be going, going, gone. And that’s this week’s blotter.

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