‘Don’t Dent My Car’ Visits Brooklyn Heights

Considering all the fuss around Citi Bike Share recently, why not some equal time for car drivers? This video, shot partially in Brooklyn Heights, from YouTube channel “Don’t Dent My Car” should interest folks in both the two and four wheel camps.

“Don’t Dent My Car” explains:

Standing in the road, ready to cross the street, leaves you no room to run in case there’s an out-of-control vehicle. It’s an odd place to stand, and that makes you odd. Standing goes for those who straddle two lanes as well, standing on corners, between cars or in the road. Take 3 steps back. Those extra steps could add decades to your life, and you won’t be a big fat distraction to all the drivers passing by, who as a result of you being dangerously close, might miss that toddler wandering into the street. You adults should know better. You should understand the ramifications of your actions. Stay safe and set the example for others.

Always note that while some people act recklessly, most don’t. Even in these clips you’ll see other people standing on the curb. Most of my clips aren’t uploaded for this very reason that most people do respect the law and others. Here I focus on those who don’t.

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  • King Lou

    Well thats a very specifcally weird crusade.

  • Joe A

    Not really sure what the point was but thanks.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    I think the point is so many people are unaware of how much danger they place themselves in, when standing or walking in the street.