Brooklyn Heights Resident Billy Kent’s ‘Hairbrained’ Premieres At Brooklyn Film Festival

The Brooklyn Film Festival, which runs now through June 9 at indieScreen & Windmill Studios NYC (287 & 289 Kent Avenue), will feature Hairbrained from director Billy Kent, who lives in Brooklyn Heights. While tonight’s (5/31) screening is sold out, there are tickets available for its showing on June 7. Brendan Fraser and Parker Posey star.

The film’s synopsis:

When 14-year old genius/outcast Eli Pettifog is rejected from Harvard, he ends up at Ivy-League wannabe Whittman College. It’s hate at first sight. Eli’s 41-year old dorm mate Leo a formerly serious gambler whose world has imploded, has dropped out of life to enroll in college. This odd duo becomes unlikely friends. Avenging his rejection, Eli commandeers Whittman’s perennial loser Collegiate Mastermind Team, leading them seemingly single-handed to the championship, against inevitably powerhouse Harvard. Meanwhile, Leo’s estranged daughter Sophie shows up for a campus tour, throwing Leo’s collegiate world upside down. Love, friendship and a rag-tag family complicate their academic dreams.

And the NY Daily News writes:

NYDN: Friday’s opening-night film — “HairBrained,” a collegiate comedy co-starring Brendan Fraser and Parker Posey — comes from Brooklyn Heights resident Billy Kent, who emphasizes the “farm-to-table” nature of his production.
“Brooklyn is where ‘HairBrained’ was conceived and written by Sarah Bird, Adam Wierzbianski and me,” says Kent. “It was shot in Bay Ridge, Bushwick, Brooklyn Heights, Red Hook and Cobble Hill. We are deeply connected to the community, and want to support it — the way it supported us.”
Kent’s last film, “The Oh in Ohio,” earned an Audience Award in 2006, and then gained wider attention.
“ ‘The Oh in Ohio’ received great response from all corners of the globe,” he says. “But nothing is as good as being in your own backyard — especially when that yard is Brooklyn.”

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