Brooklyn Bridge Closed Due To Suspicious Vehicle

UPDATE 6:56pm: WNBC-TV reports that the situation has been cleared.

At press time, the Brooklyn Bridge is closed in both directions due to an abandoned SUV:

NBCNewYork: The Brooklyn Bridge is shut down in both directions as police respond to an abandoned vehicle.

The SUV on the Manhattan-bound side was found unoccupied. Police are investigating.


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  • Jubee

    This is so stupid, it’s probably a stolen vehicle that was left there or maybe even just broken down. They are so paranoid nowadays it’s ridiculous…

  • Mike

    Better safe than sorry Jubee.

  • petercow

    Damn bike-share! Lena Dunham! Bjork!

  • David Henderson

    Are they going to do this every time a vehicle breaks down? I can see it now, the bomb squad blowing up someone’s car that broke down. So remember from now on if your car breaks down on the road side you no longer have to worry about it being towed. You now have to worry about the bomb squad blowing it up. “Paranoia Will Destroy Ya”

  • RobertMoses

    Anti-Citibike commenters on BHB have started parking on the Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan-bound side only) in protest of lost parking spaces in the Heights and Dumbo.

  • Ambulance

    Mike, you can’t possibly be serious.

  • petercow

    If only the Citibikes weren’t impeding the police’s MOBILE COMMAND CENTER (yes, I will write it every time, in caps), then this could have been prevented!

  • Heightsman

    The car was found abandoned (no owner present) and without license plates or identification. Not your typical breakdown and some could say it’s a possible dry run to see how authorities react.

  • MonroeOrange

    well peter….being that this could very well have been a dry a run, no license plates on the car, is not your typically broken down car….i think we will want the MOBILE COMMAND CENTER parked infront on 10 clinton even more now…

  • Pineappler

    Did they ever say what the deal was with that abandoned mini-van?

  • petercow

    Sweet, merciful crap. There are a ton of shinks in the nabe..avail yourself of one.

  • jazz

    Peter, you don’t by any chance live in a wonderful mansion on Montague Terrace do you?

  • petercow

    No.. but feel free free to buy me one.

  • MonroeOrange

    Good one Jazz!

  • yoohoo

    You know, we have “only” three NYPD officers sitting in their patrol cars 24/7 at Adams/Tillary, Sands/Pearl and the merge of the Sands Street on-ramp/BQE off-ramp guarding the Brooklyn Bridge while they read, text or talk on their phones.

  • MonroeOrange

    Peter..keep clicking that up arrow for yourself!

  • petercow

    Right.. cause if I’m going to drive a bomb onto bridge, I’ll do it in a car without plates.

  • Heights_Neighbor

    Hmm, the cop on the Manhattan side is usually out cold sleeping in the morning. Great use of taxpayer $$$.

  • Heightsman

    And next the time I see something I’ll say nothing cause that makes the most sense…said by everyone everywhere never.