NYC Council Committee Approves Resolution To #SaveLICH; Rally Tomorrow 9:00 A.M. At City Hall

The New York City Council’s Committee on Health has just unanimously approved a resolution to save Long Island College Hospital. The resolution will now go to the full Council for a vote on its adoption.

The resolution, sponsored by our man in the city council Steve Levin (D-33) and Brad Lander (D-39) reads:

Resolution calling on the State University of New York and the New York State Department of Health to work with stakeholders to pursue the acquisition of Long Island College Hospital (LICH) by another health care institution to preserve critical health care services for the community, and to ensure that all resources gained from any sale or transfer of LICH assets are used exclusively for the preservation of these services; and authorizing the Speaker to file or join amicus briefs on behalf of the Council in support of the preservation of such services.

Tomorrow (Thursday, April 25) at 9:00 a.m. doctors, nurses, and LICH supporters will meet in front of the City Hall steps for a press conference before the Council votes.

Brooklyn Eagle: The resolution, introduced by City Councilmembers Brad Lander and Stephen Levin, calls on SUNY and the state Department of Health to work towards the acquisition of LICH by another health care institution.

While the resolution does not have force of law, it would be “a tremendous show of support from the City Council and would help put pressure on state elected officials, the Department of Health, and SUNY to find a solution to keep LICH open for care,” said Eliza Bates, a spokesperson for the New York State Nurses Association

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  • Wiley E.

    The rally will be 4/25 Thursday morning at 9AM on the steps of City Hall. Please show your support to save LICH.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    And while we’re at it, please follow these 7 Things you can do to Help Save Lich!

  • henry
  • HenryLoL

    LOL. It’s just a “tic the boxes” step. No hospital group in the country wants this money-loser. They can do this and then say they exhausted all avenues, and then sell. All the unions have done is cost everyone more money and waste precious time of civic leaders.

  • Wiley E.

    Are you really Michele Bachmann in drag?

  • NotHenryLoL

    To HenryLoL
    Your negative, pessimistic and generally mean spirited commentary is trite, worn out and not the view of many in the Community who support LICH. Karma will be the day (or night) a LICH EMS crew saves your a**.