NY Mag Profiles Kid, Troll Rears Head

BHB Photo by Marc Hermann manipulated by Homer Fink via obamiconme.pastemagazine.com

New York Magazine profiles our man in the NYS Senate Daniel Squadron this week.  And even before the paint is dry in The Kid’s Albany office, a commenter takes a swipe at him:

Really don’t like Squadron… Met him several times on the street in my neighborhood prior to the Democratic Primary and had an extremely depressing conversation with him on the topic of rent regulation. I’m much younger than him, but he had no clue about an issue that he’d made a central element of his State Senate platform and it made him sound utterly out of his depth. I’ve never been so disappointed with my elected representative as I am with him, especially because he’s now my own party’s local incumbent in a city and state that practically define machine politics.
By atekosuri on 01/12/2009at 9:45am

To his rescue, regular BHB commenter BKLYNLIFER:

I’m surprised you feel Squadron doesn’t have a clue about rent regulation. He told me (and others at a house party) that he will fight to repeal vacancy decontrol. What’s wrong with that? Or do you think we should have a free market approach?

I’m also surprised that you find him the most disappointing elected representative you’ve had — More disappointing than Marty Connor? Joan Millman? They teamed up to turn the Brooklyn Bridge Park into a development project with high rise luxury condo’s on the waterfront, instead of recreation and green space. Marty’s constituents were so “disappointed” with him that they voted him out of office. Joan’s next.
By bklynlifer on 01/12/2009at 5:14

Seriously, Senator The Kid seems to be getting enough crap from his friends according to the article so maybe lay off for a month or so?:

Now the “kid” is adjusting to a grown-up life. Just before the election, he got engaged to his girlfriend, Liz Weinstein, a director in the mayor’s Office of Operations. “I think we were both really worried about what it would mean in terms of how much time we could have together, but she was supportive,” he says of his plans to run for office. His friends, too, are experiencing some changes. “I insist that they call me ‘Senator,’ so that’s a little weird, you know, when we’re watching a football game,” he jokes. In reality, he says, although his friends find his new position “a little surreal,” they still grant him “zero respect.”

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  • yo

    What’s with the Squadron obsession? We get it, he’s our rep…let’s wait until he does something before posting anything more about him, ok?

  • Jazz

    On the other hand, that picture is AMAZING.

  • skunky

    wow – vacancy decontrol repeal. that should make everything great! more apartments not priced according to the market, so that the ones that are available are too expensive.

    rent control is a badly-run housing lottery system. you win if you’re born into a rent-controlled apartment or you get lucky enough to get one. you lose if you’re like the rest of us, and get to pay more than your share of the landlord’s operating costs.

    Squadron ran against the Brooklyn Bridge park, something that is a done deal, so easy to criticize after the fact. Maybe I’ll run against him next time. Can’t be that hard, right?

  • Chester

    Send in the trolls… don’t bother… they’re… heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeee…. Hey Marty.. I mean skunky… how’s retirement?

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, Skunky (or whoever you are: these comments have appeared here before under a variety of names), once again I point out that rent control is a NYS system which applies to apartments in pre-war buildings occupied since before 1970 by the same resident or their legal successors. Rent regulated apartments are something else entirely.

  • Brooklyn Guy

    I don’t think that Squadron will be a life-time State Senator like Marty Connor. I give him one thumb up – he did oppose Dock Street. On the other hand, I agree with skunky…this park will be built by Regina Myer, and he can’t stop it. But he did get a bunch of angry supporters.

    Dan is another young poll picked by Chuck Schumer to hopefully grow into an national seat – especially the House. Same went for Yassky, but he failed and didn’t get anywhere and will stay local. Squadron will be gone in two terms. Not to say there is anything wrong with that…..he certainly knew how to get elected, maybe the junior Senator will get some crumbs from Silver.

  • atekosuri

    Thanks, Homer, for labeling me as a “troll” for an honest, salient, and non-inflammatory comment upon a rather sycophantic NYMag profile. Journalistic standards, hello?

    Secondly, yes, BklynLifer, I do believe in vacancy decontrol. More importantly, Squadron was completely unable to provide me with coherent, much less convincing, logic for its repeal. I found him uniquely disappointing precisely because he was taking so firm a stand on an issue with which he clearly had a poor grasp of not only the fundamental goals of the underlying laws, but also the specifics of ETPA as written.

  • atekosuri

    @Andrew Porter:

    That’s incorrect. “Rent regulated” refers to apartment units falling under the aegis of NYS DHCR regulation, whether through rent stabilization (EPTA) or rent control (Emergency Housing Rent Control Law).