Work Ensues To Remove Asbestos From Court Street ‘R’ Station Cables

Work began this month within the Court Street R subway station line to remove asbestos from cables along the tracks. It will endure through July 23. That explains why there was no Manhattan-bound service over the weekend—although it doesn’t explain why one of the two elevators in the station was offline.

Specifically, “asbestos abatement” in the station includes a boatload of whacko terms: “cementitious cable insulation, cable wrap insulation, duct seal, deuce sleeve, transite” and debris. The job began April 5. (CT)

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  • Linda Reinstein

    The simple fact is asbestos is a human carcinogen and
    there is no safe level of exposure. Keep a watchful eye to make sure the work abides by OSHA and EPS regulations. More than 30 Americans die every hour from an
    asbestos-caused disease.

  • petercow

    What a waste of money. . Asbestos undisturbed hurts no one, and the only people who have come down with asbestos-related diseases are people who worked in shipyards or asbestos mines. They usually also smoked too.

    It’s much safer leaving where it is, than having a probably incompetent and/or corrupt contractor remove it,. and wouldn’t be surprised if it was by the side of a highway.

  • Bob Sacamano

    Petercow is absolutely right. Asbestos concerns are very overrated. Undisturbed asbestos is not a danger and should be left alone. It’s probably safer to leave it then spend money on contractors who will do a sloppy job.