New To Brooklyn Heights Open Thread

We haven’t done one of these in while — a place for new residents of Brooklyn Heights to ask questions about the area.

As for suggested reading about the Heights we suggest:

Old Brooklyn Heights by Clay Lancaster

A House on the Heights by Truman Capote

The Most Famous Man in America by Debby Applegate

And of course, Martin L. Schneider’s Battling for Brooklyn Heights which tells give a blow by blow account of the 1965 landmarking of the neighborhood by someone who was there from the start.

There are many more books to check out and you may find them in the Brooklyn Heights Blog Store powered by Amazon.

And if you’d like to know a little bit about more about the nabe, take Homer Fink’s Hidden Brooklyn Heights Walking Tour. The next one is April 27 and some tickets are still available. Buy ’em here.

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  • Jason Fry

    Also highly recommended: February House, which tells the story of the now-demolished BH house shared by WH Auden, Carson McCullers, Jane and Paul Bowles, Gypsy Rose Lee, Dali and others.

  • lcrawl

    Question: What is the cheapest place to do dry cleaning?

  • Chuck Taylor

    hi! i’d recommend you take a look at this BHB open thread about the best dry cleaners in the heights from august 2012. cheers!

  • jws

    Does anyone know the story about the extremely loud bird living somewhere between Clinton St and Monroe Pl? Is this a wild bird who’s simply set up a home or is there a caged bird set out to annoy anyone living here (whether windows are opened or closed)?

  • BH resident

    What is the oldest home in Brooklyn Heights?

  • Lois

    According to some sources it is 24 Middagh Street which was built in 1824 and has a carriage house around the other
    side.Any other opinions?

  • Lois

    According to some sources, it is 24 Middagh Street which was built in 1824 and has a carriage house around the other side. Any other opinions?

  • Jeremy

    The oldest surviving houses in the Heights are 38 Hicks Street and 40 Hicks Street. Both were built in 1810. (There were even older houses in BH, now demolished….)

  • tkh

    I recently moved into the area on Middagh Street. I’m looking for a good wash and fold laundry service. I’ve read mixed reviews on Yelp about Plaza, are there any other recommendations?

  • David Glick

    YES! It is a male pigeon roosting and making “hoo hooo whooo” noises as soon as it sees a sliver of sunlight. I have seen it hanging out on top of an air conditioner unit on the lower levels of the Clinton St side of my Courtyard (I live on Monroe) and have a theory that the person who owns that A/C unit is feeding the pigeons. I have considered getting a water gun and trying to make it’s life uncomfortable but lets be real this is pretty bad “White Whine”.

  • MonroeOrange

    on montague, next to bannana rep. and custom house, dowmstairs….if you pay upfront sun mon and i think tues, you get 20% off. nice guys work there amd own it too!

  • Wiley E.

    Maybe a hawk will hear it too, and have it for lunch. Let’s hope.

  • HenryLoL

    Lung’s on Henry

  • BMS

    Adding to the laundry theme…
    Do any of the dry cleaning places do *same-day* dry cleaning?

  • markINtheHEIGHTS

    any ideas on the “no parking” on Columbia Heights starting tonight at midnight…they are DOT signs and not the filming going around the corner on Hicks….

  • PistachioPony

    I use they pick up and deliver early and late. The best service.