Cosplay On Montague Street In Brooklyn Heights

A super hero of sorts took a stroll down Montague Street on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Fink snapped this photo to document the occasion. Pardon our ignorance, but it’s been awhile since our last trip to Comic Con so we can’t tell if this guy is Tron, a Transformer or something completely different. Maybe there was a cosplay confab at the Heights Casino? Or maybe the 84th Precinct has called in Robocop to track down the punks who vandalized Columbia Heights over the weekend?

Up-close look

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  • Sally Moskowitz

    I think he’s hedge fund financier .

  • MermaidFornicator

    he’s a transformer, you can tell by the wheels. probably optimus prime

  • DrewBurch

    I’m guessing he’s for a Transformer for a kids bday.

  • MonroeOrange

    on his way towards montague terrace…you know where im going with this…..GERRY?!

  • Wiley E.

    Absolutely! (At least in his own mind.)