Open Thread Wednesday 1/7/09

Flickr photo by Dermie L

Flickr photo by Dermie L

The first OTW of the year! Make it a good one, comment away!

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  • AliG

    Goggle Twins – They live at the corner of Willow and State..
    Looks like they wear safety goggles, pretty tall guys.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Thank you everyone…

  • dahn

    Anybody know if they’ve shut the water off on Joralemon? My wife just called and said there’s no water in the building, but there’re no signs advising residents of this.

  • AEB

    Just a Neighbor, call 311. They can provide you with info about local water-service difficulties.

    I had the same problem in my building several months ago. First thing I did was go the restaurant next door to find out if there were similar problems there. There weren’t.

    Turned out that a pressure valve in the basement of my building had somehow gotten adjusted therefore stopping the sending of water to all apts.

  • AEB

    I meant to address the above reply to dahn. Sorry.

  • dahn

    Thanks, AEB. Good to know.

  • me

    Ive always had skilled friendly service from I. Weiss & Sons plumbing on atlantic

  • hoppy

    The “30 Rock” episode filmed around the Heights last October should be airing tomorrow (9:30PM, NBC).

  • ahb

    Can anyone recommend a good colorist (highlights) in the neighborhood besides Van Sickel which I know is recommended on here often for haircuts? Haven’t had good luck around here and would love to find someone reasonable and good.

  • bornhere

    ahb – Until Alex moved to Kentucky (!), he was my go-to highlighter, first at Irene’s, and then after he opened Hair Profiles. I then spent buckets of dollars looking for someone else, and although I was happy with Matthew (back at Irene’s), he packed it in. So — now I see Mykel at Irene’s. He is excellent, and although I’m not sure what “reasonable” is, the fact that the color is good and my hair doesn’t break makes his fee a small price to pay. Sort of.

  • ahb

    Thanks for the info bornhere. Does Mykel listen to how you want your hair to look? I’ve been to two people in the neighborhood who really didn’t have any interest in the photos I brought to let them know the shade I wanted, etc.

  • bornhere

    ahb – Yes, he listens. He’s really good and not such an “artiste” that what you want becomes irrelevant. Of course, the problem with recommending someone is that, as in everything, sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t. But he has never really disappointed me (I don’t have fabulous thick hair that can hide color or cut errors, either), and I don’t feel like I need to sort of gear up for the highlighting event: he’s funny, skilled, quick, and if you agree to the price (and can deal with the less-than-warm-and-fuzzy guy who tends to man the reception desk), it’s all good. (Just an FYI: they have a weird issue with credit/debit cards for some reason, so if you still have a checkbook, bring it along.) Good luck!

  • AliG

    ahb, I go to Fabio at Femmina on Montague (now Fabio Scalia), I will only do it if I’m in a pinch but it’s not so reasonable.
    Sorry to say that I trek all the way to Stephen Knoll (Nicolay Loor) on 57th & Madison for my regular colour, and have been doing so for 8 years.

  • Jazz

    AliG we knew you were a playa. Face it, for things other than a cut and blow you gotta hit Manhattan. If not, move to Kansas, same diff.

  • AliG

    Jazz, guilty as charged. My hair is lookin’ smoooooth.

  • In the Heights

    PS 8 has a girl scout troop and they are currently selling cookies! Call the school for more info.

  • my2cents

    i’m all about Astor Place for my hair cut. it is a real new york experience!

  • joe

    My nanny will be going on maternity leave. Has anyone dealt wit this? How much of the weekly salary did you cover during the leave? She is planning on taking anywhere from 1.5 to 2 months off depending on whether she is having a c section or not.

  • cv

    Anna, the owner of BoyLuvGirl on Atlantic between Henry & Hicks colors my hair, and I’ve been consistently pleased with a few things: the color; how well she listens; and how well she can articulate her ideas about both color and cuts.

  • No One Of Consequence

    @joe… I haven’t, but I think the general rule of thumb is to give your nanny the benefits you would expect to receive from your employer.

  • since47

    ahb: I’m sure you’ve had your hair done already, but Mindy at Fabio Scalia (previously called Femmina) on Montague Street, is who I go to. She’s a wonderful colorist who listens (really listens and doesn’t just nod her head and then does what she wants), and is all you being happy with the end result. Yes, the place is pricey, but if you don’t have to color your hair every three weeks, it’s a great place.