Open Thread Wednesday 1/7/09

Flickr photo by Dermie L

Flickr photo by Dermie L

The first OTW of the year! Make it a good one, comment away!

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  • Concerned Heightser

    Why has the open space at the far end of Borough Hall Plaza been turned into a parking lot? Is this where those judges are parking now? I find it offensive.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Agreed. It’s worse than when they parked at the other end because they don’t let you walk through now.

  • AEB

    Would any of you kindly supply me with the name of a good electrician?

    I need to have several ceiling fixtures replaced. I’m looking for someone who is–of course–skilled, reliable and not too expensive.

    Thanks so much, all.

  • bornhere

    AEB- I have used John Lonergan since I can’t remember when. He’s a Heights guy, seems to know what he’s doing, isn’t horribly expensive, and has been around here forever. 875-6100

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Electrician – I use SuperCharged. 718-981-7173. Vinny Valdarosa is the owner and his #1 guy who has come to my house and done excellent work is Adon. They are in the neighborhood almost daily working on both renovations and small jobs. Vinny discovered a burned wire in my bedroom ceiling while investigating a shorted-out socket. I will be forever grateful for his careful and thorough investigation that may have saved my life and my home.

  • AEB

    Bonhere and Neighborhood, thank you both.

    Maybe I can hire them both and stage a sort of wired battle of the bands….

  • Cranky

    I saw the Goggle Twins on New Year’s Eve. An omen perhaps? Of what is anybody’s guess.

  • AEB

    Cranky, what is/are Goggle Twins?

  • epc

    I didn’t take a photo, but there’s a notice placed in the High Street IND station that the MTA is considering closing the Eastern (Red Cross/High Street/OEM) ticket booth and leaving that end of the station unstaffed. I think it’s in the public comment period now. Not sure if this is part of the doomsday plan for budget cutbacks.

    Page 17 of this massive PDF (28Mb) has some details:

  • bornhere

    Cranky- Yaaaay! But when did they go from “Goggle Brothers” to “Goggle Twins”? (And even though I have loved them from afar for well over 20 years, when I noticed your comment, I read “Google.” Now THAT’S an omen!)

  • CM

    Speaking of the Goggle Brothers, has anyone learned anything more about them? Who are they?

  • Just a Neighbor

    LOVE this picture!

  • Cranky

    Hi AEB, They are 2 twin brothers that you see (sometimes) walking around the neighborhood. They are elderly but very spry and wear plastic goggles. They also have a sort of twin speak with each other. The outfits are a bit eccentric.

    Hi bornhere, that’s just what I call them or sometimes the goggle boys or goggle brothers. I’ve always been fascinated by them. Suitcase man is another neighborhood character but a little more…well..iffy.

  • AEB

    Alas, Cranky, I haven’ yet seen the twins, but am now EXTREMELY eager to.

    Homer, can the photo-file oblige? Is there a link?

  • bornhere

    AEB- You need to hang out on Joralemon, especially between Henry and Willow Place.
    Cranky- Who is Suitcase Man????

  • lifer

    I vouch for John Lonergan, great guy, skilled as well..

  • Emily

    Is the suitcase man the individual who also wears a large clock around his neck along with a sign with a Bible verse on it? I see him at Key Food a lot.

  • Just a Neighbor

    My printer just ran out of ink :(

    Where’s the nearest Staples/OfficeMax/some other supply store I’m not thinking of, please??

  • In the Heights

    court st office supply or cvs sells ink too.

  • bornhere

    Maybe Court Street Stationery (Court and Joralemon).

  • Flynn

    Just a Neighbor,

    I have never tried to buy a printer cartridge there, but Court Street Office Supplies at 44 Court has never failed me yet on any other office supply. Much quirkier than Staples, and the prices are not bad.

  • AEB

    Thanks, lifer….

  • HDEB

    The orthodox owned office supply store on Court street south of Montague has a good selection of goods and as a bonus you can give your $ to a locally owned buisness instead of _____.

    I think this is the place:

    Court Street Office Supplies
    44 Court St.
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    phone: 718-625-5771

  • FeiFei

    I think Girl Scouts are taking orders for cookies now. Since I don’t know any Scouts, I’m hoping that they will be sold in public places later on in the year. Do they do this in Brooklyn Heights?

  • Cranberry

    The Goggle Twins spend a great deal of time by the NYSC and Perelandra on Remsen.

  • Monty

    You can also get ink cartridges at the Radio Shack on Montague St or Court St.

    Following on from the electrician thread, can anyone recommend a good plumber? Our shower pressure stinks and supposedly we are the only ones in the building with this problem, so we may need some pipes in our walls rejiggered.

  • Monty

    Also, have spotted the goggle guys on Remsen “shopping” for Perelandra refuse along with the other freegans.

  • Cranky

    The suitcase man is the guy who hangs out on the promenade and tries to take pictures of people. He’s always rolling a suitcase behind him.

  • Melon

    Donato is a good plumber, you’ll see their vans around the neighborhood. Their guys seem honest, personable, competent… 718-768-4041

    I saw the goggle twins the other day, but each on opposite sides of the street, adding to the freakiness.

  • my2cents

    Donato is AMAZING. They are so friendly and honest. I recommend them highly.