Open Thread Wednesday March 6, 2013

On this day in 1912, Oreo sandwich cookies were first introduced by the National Biscuit Co., which later became Nabisco. Seems that’s a good enough reason to toast to the post on this Open Thread Wednesday for March 6, 2013. Comment away!

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  • Andrew Porter

    This just in! Ruby & Jezebel on Montague Street are doing so well that they’re closing, the end of March. Rumor is that their intended clientele are buying their rags directly from the Frederick’s of Hollywood on-line catalog…

  • Neil

    Chuck, where were you a year ago?

    Maybe I could have picked up a bag at a special 100th anniversary deal!. Or not.

  • skinny

    PM Pediatrics is coming to Atlantic and Boerum. Great option for kids, particularly if LICH closes.

  • Great Gazoo

    Anyone else notice that our astroturf field at Cadman Plaza has been especially “sheddy” lately? I find myself covered in shredded green plastic after throwing a ball with my son. Are most fields like this? Does it need to be “groomed”? Any insights?

  • bk

    I’m sad to see any business close but I’m not surprised. This place catered to the Forever 21 crowd, but the prices seemed outrageous in comparison to the quality of the clothes. Maybe Ruby & Jenna would have done better in a less stodgy neighborhood.

  • C.

    Raymour and Flanigan opened up on Fulton street. Spoke to a worker converting the small building next to it and he said it’s going to be a jewelry store, unfortunately.

  • C.

    NY Times is reporting that Hill Country is coming to 345 Adams Street this fall. Big things poppin’…

    “Marc Glosserman will bring his Texas barbecue, fried chicken and pies to Brooklyn in late fall. He has leased 11,000 square feet where he will install, side by side, a Hill Country Barbecue Market and a Hill Country Chicken, both branches of his Flatiron district places: 345 Adams Street (Willoughby Street), Downtown Brooklyn.”

  • JoJo

    I’m looking for the best quality tailor in the neighborhood, my wife has a fairly expensive dress she needs altered for an upcoming wedding we’re attending, and it’s been years since either of us can remember taking anything to a tailor. Any recommendations?

  • GreatWha?

    Did anyone else notice that Great Wall now has an A? I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  • MonroeOrange

    The Dry Cleaners next to St. George hotel dorm entrance on Henry st. The older Asian fellow, does amazing work. I once brought in a suit jacket that was a long, and he made it fit me like a glove….the best by far in the hood.

  • David Glick

    I was flipping through a tumblr with old pictures of NYC and found some fantastic ones of Brooklyn and BK Heights.

  • Miss Montague

    The tailor on Henry St. between Montague and Pierrepont is excellent!

  • Heights Neighbor

    I’m still wondering why there is a porta potty on the sidewalk in front of Sterling Park at the Clark St entrance to the promenade. Anyone know anything? All sorts are stopping to use it at all hours. Quite unsightly. I’ll call the number posted on the side tomorrow.

  • Andrew Porter

    These are great! I’d never seen the first two photos here before. Thanks for the link!

  • Andrew Porter

    I never see anyone grooming it; the bits of old leaves seem to get ground into it deeper and deeper, and the edges are never cleaned.

  • Andrew Porter

    Sweet Pea CSA in Brooklyn Heights is looking for members:

  • Knight

    I think they may be under new ownership. The woman with absolutely no manners hasn’t been there for a couple of months.

  • Knight

    I agree. He’s on the expensive side but his work is top quality.

  • Heightsman

    Comments are once again exploding with Disqus implemented!

  • Hicks St Guy

    for once M/O has it right, this fellow is the best!

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    RALLY Tomorrow (Friday) to SAVE LICH! Please click on screen capture below for details.

  • RSD

    PS I wish Homer would post this notice at the top of the page to get the word out.

  • Heights Neighbor

    Yay! It was removed this morning. Whole thing was odd.

  • Sav Bard

    Well good for you..if you pop a vessel tho..well..with no hospital nearby …problem is yours.

  • GHB

    But it was moved further down the block where there’s scaffolding up.

  • Wiley E.

    I think she was getting married. On the honeymoon, perhaps.