Open Thread Wednesday 2/20/13

What’s on your mind? Comment away! (BHB Photo by Claude Scales)

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  • Joe A

    I don’t follow you. Or maybe I do.

  • MonroeOrange

    WALDENBOOKS! (in spirit or course!)

  • anonymous

    I knew someone would ask that question. What is it that you want me to say? They weren’t white? They didn’t look like they could afford the Heights?

    I’m not going there.

    They didn’t live in the Heights. Don’t ruin the acts of kindness I witness daily by people who don’t live in the Heights.

    Maybe they work on Court St. Let’s leave it at that. I was sharing a good moment.

  • ab_bklyn

    I think they ended up taking about 10 books or so. If you really want to get rid of everything, donate them to Housing Works and take the tax deduction. They have a wonderful used bookstore in SoHo and I’m sure they would appreciate your books.

  • ab_bklyn

    A second vote for Juliana’s! The atmosphere and service is 1000x better than Grimaldi’s, which has become a tourist trap. I was lucky enough to eat there last week when Patsy and Carol Grimaldi were both there. They were extremely welcoming and came over and chatted with us like we were old friends (they said my husband looked exactly like one of their nephews). They even brought us espresso and cannoli on the house at the end of our meal! A wonderful experience.

  • MonroeOrange

    so… did you know they don’t live in the heigths?! I don’t want you to say anything you don’t mean, i think it’s presumptuous that you are able to tell who does and doesn’t live here based on an argument in the street. Trust me, my neighbors argue all the time!…just busting your balls, you can’t post here anonymously…i post under my real name!

  • Andrew Porter

    Just a note to say that old computer books are worthless, and shd become recycling. Ditto for old Readers Digest condensed books, and National Geographic magazines—unless they’re more than 50 years old.

  • Joe A

    Just trying the upload feature. Photo from promenade that I took a while back. Hmmm. Not sure why it didn’t work

  • Joe A

    Test photo

  • Joe A
  • harumph

    There is also going into the city – The Strand will take them all…

  • Wiley E.

    Gerry is in Rome. He is running for Pope.

  • monty

    Big kerkuffle at Pierrepont playground this morning around 11:30. Strong aroma of marijuana was wafting through the air and someone called the fuzz. They dragged two teenagers and an older guy out of the men’s room. The teens looked terrified and.compliant, but the other guy was yelling and trying to run. Cops needed backup to subdue him. We grabbed our kids and left, but it looked it was under control after a few minutes.