FloydNY Bocce Playoffs: ODB Top List

150565080_924c49a16b.jpgOld Dirty Barristers (photo via ODB on Flickr)are the top seeded team in FloydNY's Fall Bocce League playoffs starting this  Saturday.  Summer League champs Boccelism are ranked 3rd with their opponent in the finals, Coffee Flat Terrors, ranked 9th  If You Want My Bocce, ranked 5th.

BHB's team Brigate Bocce (ranked 16th) is set to play Mamalukes (18th) in a first round match Sunday at 3:45pm.  If the Brigates make it to the next round, they'll face If You Want My Bocce, a team that capo Homer Fink has recently engaged in faux trash talk.  "E tutti i divertimento e giochi fino a che qualcuno non perda un occhio," Fink tells us.

PDF of playoff bracket

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  • http://ifyouwantmybocce.blogspot.com/ Rod

    Rod gets no respect. We played Boccelism in the finals, it wasn’t the Terrors. Granted we got killed but come on, give us our due already.

  • Homer Fink

    Darn “copy editors”! Apologies to Rod, but especially Mr. Phil Chen the greatest bass player in the free world.