Boccelism Grips Floyd Bocce Trophy

1.jpgSummer's over and that must mean the crowning of the Floyd Summer Bocce league champion. If You Want My Bocce, the team consisting of Adam from our favorite blog about pizza (Slice) and friends,  faced off against last year's champs Boccelism (pictured) after a long day of bracket based battle.

Adam from Slice writes: I spent most of yesterday sitting in a dimly lit bar, waiting, with my team, to take the bocce court. We advanced through the early brackets easily—seems the mighty reputation of our crew, If You Want My Bocce, scared our first- and second-round opponents into forfeiture through no-shows. While this ensured our rolling arms didn't tire early in the day, it also meant we had no warm-up play for the later portions of the Floyd Summer Bocce Leage 2006 Playoffs.

After seven-plus hours of drinking and waiting, we took the dirt against our friends and archrivals, the Coffee Flats Terrors. We handed them defeat and marched into the finals to play Boccelism, the champs from last year's fall season.

Boccelism proved to be too much. Between them placing their balls perfectly and us missing all our shots, If You Want My Bocce went down 7-0 in the first set and 7-1 in the second. It was a quick championship game. What can we say? They played well; we didn't.

The trophy for best team name went to Mayor Ed Boch. 

Brooklyn Heights Blog hopes to field a team — Homer Fink's Brigate Bocce — in Floyd's Fall League.

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