Brooklyn Heights Synagogue Homeless Shelter Makes a Switch

The Brooklyn Heights Synagogue’s homeless shelter, which had been open to only women, will now be available to men only. This comes as a nearby CAMBA shelter for men announced that it is closing. The BHS shelter has 10 beds and many of them go unoccupied, according to a report in the Brooklyn Eagle. Any women who need assistance are now being redirected to a facility in Lower Manhattan.

The shelter is also asking for volunteers. You may sign up at the BHS website.

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  • Old timer

    The first shelter at theBrooklyn Hts Synagogue was for men. The neighborhood was not spoiled. The volunteers were safe. What is the big whoop all of a sudden?

  • Joe A

    I don’t often say this, but I agree 100% with PromGal’s comments.

  • MonroeOrange

    As someone who worked in the shelter as kid about 20 years ago while attending school there, we spent the evening with the homeless (and men were allowed then too). We cooked them dinner, i remember making garlic bread (which was probably the only thing i could make at the time!). We did not spend the night, and i still remember talking to the people who were there and hearing there stories on how they came to such a state in their life. I remember those stories to this day and it was a wonderful experience in every way. I remember one of the criteria was that they needed to be drug free (not sure how they determined that), but at no point did I, as a boy, or any of the girls that were in our class feel threatened or in danger. In fact, it was a great experience.

  • MonroeOrange

    little confused as to where my comment went? i posted couple hours ago, about working at the shelter when i was a child

  • Proud BHS Member

    It’s been going on for 30 years and you didn’t know so clearly it has had no impact on you. They shelter guests are bused in in the evening and are gone very early in the morning so the room they sleep in can be converted back into the play space that is used for preschool. They so appreciate what BHS offers, a clean place to sleep, delicious food, and caring, kind people to serve and clean up.

  • Proud BHS Member

    BHS only donates the use of the space. The city pays for everything connected with the Shelter, food, beds, laundry etc. There is no cost to BHS members.

  • Proud BHS Member

    There will be no change to the way things have run in the past. The same volunteer opportunities will be available. There was nothing to vote on. It is not in the bylaws of the congregation that this deemed a vote. We are filling a need. The shelter has been under utilized by women, 2 or 3 guests a night. There is a need for a men’s shelter. We must rely on outside volunteers because we don’t get enough people willing to stay over. That is not a change. What is crazy about this?