Man Seeks to End Poverty

Darryl Penrice wants to end poverty around the world via his website Poverty’s Demise. The cure? Microfinancing.  City Limits profiles Penrice, who lives in Brooklyn Heights: One Idealist’s…: Penrice says that he gets the occasional paycheck whenever he’s called to make computer repairs, but the meager earnings make it impossible for him to afford a room – much less the Brooklyn Heights apartment that he’s been residing in for free in the past several months. The stylish dwelling belongs to “a sponsor” whom Penrice won’t name. “We’re as different as night and day,” says Penrice. “Our relationship is just like PDO in some ways. The great thing about my website is that you don’t have to understand anything about a person’s culture or living standards. The only thing you have to understand is that poverty is wrong and that someone needs help.”

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