You Could Get 70 Cents From Con Ed Sale To Brooklyn Bridge Park

Con Ed is seeking permission from the New York State Public Service Commission, which regulates utilities, to transfer a parcel of land, dark green in the map above, to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Park Corporation. It will constitute the northernmost portion of Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Park Corporation is seeking proposals to build a high rise residential building on a portion of the Con Ed land in order to help defray park expenses. According to the New York Times City Room Blog, Con Ed has promised to give a little more than half of the profit it gets from the sale to its customers, which amounts to a little more than seventy cents per customer.

The Times piece notes that this portion of the Park will include “a 13,000-square-foot lawn with a commanding view of the Manhattan Bridge and the city skyline.”

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  • stuart

    arch, you are the one who is consistently rude and narrow-minded.
    Only a dimwit would prefer to see the waterfront remain as it is rather than have it transformed into a beautiful park with new parkside residences. You must be a very bitter failed person.

  • Arch Stanton

    “rude” well guess it depends on which side of the comments you are on. From your perspective, I suppose you are correct, I was rude to you. However, I offer no apology, it was intentional. As far as “narrow-minded” that is your opinion, I could not care less.
    I never said “I would prefer to see the waterfront remain as it is” far from it, I don’t know how you imagined I said that, you must be the “dimwit”. I am all for a beautiful Public park not a glorified excuse for developers.
    I am not “bitter” just one who believes in a reality supported by empirical evidence. Indeed that is not always a pretty picture but I prefer it to “drinking the Kool-aid”, grape was it, Stuart?
    “failed” Ha, I am quite content with my life, it’s the rest of society I worry about.

  • Mr. Crusty

    @Sue “it is not a pool its a big bathtub. You cannot do laps. It is a joke”

    The pop-pool was used every single day weather permitting.I would assume it was used by neighborhood residents as this was not something that someone would travel to. Parents were there with their children thoroughly enjoying this nearby amenity.

    But to Sue, apparently these folks don’t count. The pool is a joke because you can’t “do laps”. How many family’s want to “do laps”? That is a completely different type of facility that no one was suggesting that this temporary pop-up pool would be. Sorry YOU didn’t get what you wanted but it certainly seemed to be enjoyed by others.

    What an incredibly self centered view of the world quite frankly. The pool obviously wasn’t the type of facility that Sue wanted so it must be a joke. No Sue, you are the joke. Why don’t you and Gerry donate for your desired aquatic center.