Confirmed: Spanish Tapas Eatery ‘Taperia’ Coming To 132 Montague Street!

Muy Bueno! The activity we noted on January 6 in the lower space at 132 Montague Street is indeed about to burgeon into locally run Spanish tapas & wine bar Taperia, as was first tipped (with high hopes) one year ago.

Sure enough, Bobby Cruz, former owner of the UPS Store on Montague Street, will be one of the new eatery’s managers. He gave us a sneak peek Friday afternoon inside the space below Heights Vision, and says that the restaurant is aiming for a March 2013 opening.

In addition to a roomy bar and seating within the surprisingly spacious interior—perhaps best of all—Cruz reveals that the grounds behind Andy’s Chinese restaurant and Dashing Diva nail salon are destined to become a lovely outdoor dining patio.

That courtyard, which backs up to Our Lady Lebanon Cathedral on Remsen Street, has served as a dumping ground for some time, until Cruz took it upon himself to clean much of the garbage, glass and mess last winter. However, it remains an eyesore. But not for long!

In the 1980s, the outdoor grounds housed a memorial garden and fountain honoring the former landlord’s son—until the family moved away.

SATURDAY UPDATE: Cruz tells us that the memorial fountain will be lovingly restored, along with newly planted trees and colorful foliage in the courtyard. Also, to make clear based on comments: Cruz will be a manager of Taperia; he tells BHB that he sold his original concept for the tapas & wine restaurant to two business partners, who are bankrolling the eatery. (Photos: CT/Street: Google Maps)

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  • Arch Stanton

    I give it less than a year.

  • Jorale-man

    That’s great news. I do hope the owners are aiming high – not in prices but culinary aspiration. The inclusion of a backyard garden is a good start – it suggests they’re aiming for more than the lunchtime court crowd. Best of luck to them.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Just you wait, all the nitwits will complain about the small portions.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Ya gotta love guys like Arch Stanton. So supportive of businesses in the neighborhood.

  • Dad in the Heights

    I was always impressed at how well Bobby ran the UPS store. Hands-on, good with customers etc. I am a little apprehensive at him running a restaurant but wish him all the best.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Now if I will be able to get a meal and ship a package at the same time that might be something.

  • Gerry

    @ Jorale man – they would be fortunate to get a lunchtime court crowd – I agree with Arch Stanton the place will close within a year.

  • maestro

    Look, we should thank them for cleaing that backyard area alone. For helping the neighborhood in that way, I will visit the restaurant at least once!

  • Arch Stanton

    Dear Crusty,

    There you go again assuming the worst in people (typical cop), you facetiously allude that i was somehow being “unsupportive” of local business, nothing could be farther form the truth, I patronize many local establishments. I even hope I am wrong about this new Tapas place failing. I was only making a calculated prediction. Having lived here for 50 years, I have acquired a good sense of which business will succeed or fail, I am correct over 90% of the time. I take no pleasure in watching someone loose their life savings and their dreams dashed in an ill fated business venture, but I can’t help what I see, don’t shoot the messenger.

  • HenryLoL

    Tapas is a great idea. Success will depend on the chef. If its a real chef, it can work. If some random dude thinks he can microwave shrimp and garlic and call it Gambas Ajillo then it will fail.

  • bklyn20

    I also know Bobby from the UPS store, and had an impromptu tour of the restaurant last weekend. There is a substantial, great-looking wooden bar. The garden in back will be gorgeous; its southern wall overlooks the stone and stained glass of Our Lady of Lebanon. Bobby has significant restaurant experience pre-UPS store. I’d wager it has a better chance than many of the recent restaurant attempts in our neighborhood.

  • WillowNabe

    If Bobby runs the restaurant like he ran UPS, he will be a success. He has a great personality and he’s a hard worker.
    I wish him well.

  • jan berkowitz

    Restaurants have a 6% to 10% profit margin. Brooklyn Heights is built more for places like subway, burger kings, Muffins, starbucks, CVS, olive gardens, etc. I’m sure once the hotel is in action it will taken over by the big boys. Bobby is a GREAT guy, but my advice would be to start up with a bang/wow factor and SELL. Fast!

  • Andrew Porter

    I was told by workers there that they will open in two months. Also, the backyard space will be enclosed.

  • j

    I’m just thankful it’s not another generic diner or sushi place.

  • Brooklyn Girl

    Can’t wait! We need to be supportive. The only way that independent restaurants are going to make it is with our patronage. If they give us good food and service, they will survive. Let’s give them a chance or else be satisfied with the chains.