Ask & You Shall Receive: Henry Street Garbage Dump Swept Clean

After reporting January 20 about the filthy dumping ground teeming with trash, glass and vermin on Henry Street behind Montague Street’s Andy’s Chinese, Dashing Diva and Heights Vision, the gods have shone down—and cleaned the backyard space.

More likely, it was the effort of Bobby Cruz, who is hoping to open a tapas and wine bar beneath Heights Vision this spring, who took it upon himself to bag a good deal of the garbage of his own accord in January. He told the Brooklyn Paper—which led with the story about the garbage dump—that he intended to tidy the space until it was clean.

When we inspected the grounds January 20, located across from Corcoran real estate on Henry, it was easily accessible through an open iron gate—and remained so January 31. For years, residents have complained to landlords and business owners, to no avail, as it continued to accumulate garbage strewn & stacked at liberty. But as of Tuesday, it was largely free of garbage and clutter, albeit with a few remaining broken bottles here and there.

Cruz says his intention is to open an outdoor space behind his potential tapas bar. Now, the roomy, open courtyard that backs up to Our Lady Lebanon Cathedral on Remsen Street, looks like it could truly become a sweet spot.

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  • bklyn20

    When Bobby managed the UPS store, he was incredibly helpful with my kid’s summer camp care packages. When we had to ship her truck to camp, he actually came to my house to pick it up on his way to work at the store. I know that any restaurant he opens will have great attention to detail and fantastic service.

  • CrankyOne

    ooh tapas and wine bar! That sounds great.

  • AnnOfOrange

    bklyn20 – A good laugh over the typo….I’ve sent a lot of stuff to camp….but never a truck! Monster Truck Camp? Must have been an interesting experience!

  • ichabod

    This was on the PIX news the other night.

  • bklyn20

    Again, I must remember not to post in the morning before having coffee! Nonetheless, I am sure Bobby could have taken care of shipping a truck, too!

    No, it wasn’t Monster Truck Camp, although it’s fun to imagine unleashing my child’s inner redneck….but maybe not.

  • C.

    So what restaurants in the Heights have backyards? I know Tenda has one but I don’t know if it’s particularly nice. This one has potential though.

  • Andrew Porter

    This is really excellent news, and my kudos to Cruz for his efforts. The area immediately next to the restaurant still accumulates trash—I didn’t notice whether or not the sofa that’s been there for several weeks is still there—but this is clearly the responsibility of Andy’s to keep clean. Also, the rat holes next to the edge of the concrete, under the tree next to the sidewalk, should be baited with rat poison. If there are rats next to the building’s foundation, what’s the likelihood they’re dining on the same food patrons of Andy’s are?

  • Lou

    Thanks for the cleanup!

  • Ex-Heightster

    People, we never should have tolerated that situation so long!

    I lived quite a few blocks from that location, but when I walked by Montague & Henry Sts late nights, I’d see rats frolicking all over there, jumping out of garbage bags & cans, & scurrying all over the place! I made a blog comment about it back then, but no one even responded to it! I’m glad it didn’t require bubonic plague to break out before some action was finally taken!