BK History: Downtown’s Pepper & Potter Nash Auto Dealership

Following the January 4 BHB post that a Hampton Inn is coming to 125 Flatbush Avenue Extension (near Tillary Street) in Downtown Brooklyn, we relished McBrooklyn’s take on the biz that once occupied the space: Pepper & Potter Nash car dealership.

McB notes, “While we remember the old car dealership as a rundown wreck of a building, from photos available, it seems Lester Potter and Frank Pepper had quite the life back in the day.” Its 1946 slogan was, uh, “Picky People Pick Pepper & Potter.”

Sigh, however, a decade later, Pepper & Potter’s relationship began to crumble. The biz lived on until 2003, albeit as Metech. The whole story is covered—with photos—in a lengthy 2006 NYTimes story.

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  • Wiley E.

    Bought a Ford there in 1997. They kept their inventory at the Navy yard, and the service center was a few blocks away near Myrtle Avenue on the same side of Flatbush Avenue. Nice people, and a very good deal on the new car. The show room was tiny.

  • Rita schwarz

    I remember my father buying a shiny elegant Nash right after w.w. 2 . A very gorgeous car, seats reclined and wooden bumpers. No steel was available for another year and the pepper and potter people were so wanting to accommodate. It was then a very class act and whenever I passed the showroom later on I remember with my fathers joy with his new car and their pleasure serving him. Tanks for the photos

  • Weegee

    There was a “Harper Oldsmobile” painted on the wall behind this location — I always thought Harper occupied the Pepper/Potter space, but I must have been wrong. I know Harper had a place on Bedford Ave., but thought that was where their inventory was, not the showroom.