Wednesday Open Thread, 12/26/12

Alas, there is but this one last opportunity to speak what’s on your mind within the Brooklyn Heights Blog’s 2012 Wednesday Open Thread. Now is the time to unload, share and talk among yourselves, before a new year springs upon us. Comment away!

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  • Claude Scales

    Why no lights on the Promenade Christmas tree Christmas Eve or Christmas?

  • lori

    Well, let’s see what 2013 will bring.

  • James


  • GHB

    That silver Ford Fusion is still sitting on Remsen, waiting to be picked up by GEICO. It’s only been sitting there since Sandy (10/29), so what’s a few more months? Calls to 311 have been useless, as always. Happy Holidays!

  • Wiley E.

    Must be the day after. The street sweeper just went by. Glad we survived another season. What will the next one bring?

  • Thruxton

    The trailer that is chained up by the Heights Cafe needs the chain cut and hauled away. There is already not enough parking then you throw that into the mix. Who does that anyway?

  • Jacqueline Montgomery

    As a long time resident of the Heights, almost 60 years, an improvement I think most important to the neighborhood would be to have benches along Montague St. It would be both humane and congenial.

  • Lefty

    Has anyone else been treated very badly in Monty Qs?

  • Mark

    Are there fireworks visible from the Promenade on NYE?

  • HenryLoL

    @Mark — Yes. Small show every year off in the distance. Lots of people show up — mostly those that look like they are attending parties in the hood.

  • Mike

    I was treated very badly by my ex-girlfriend in Monty Q’s once. It was horrible.

  • Mark

    @henrylol Is it a horrible mob scene? I’m trying to convince my friends to come to my place for the night rather than hang in manhattan. Hoping fireworks would sweeten the deal.

  • Marathoner

    The little trailer belongs to the owner of the red Volvo with CT plates that is always packed with carpenter supplies and a red gas can

  • HenryLoL

    No – it’s not bad. It’s a very short show. More of ‘nice surprise’ rather than a main attraction…

  • Arch Stanton

    GHB, instead of calling 311 try calling a Psychiatrist and getting some proper medication. Then you might realize that many thousands of cars were totaled by Sandy and the insurance companies are overwhelmed with claims and their resources are stretched thin. Many areas are still devastated, Brooklyn Heights is not the top the priority. Try to see beyond your petty obsessions, a disabled car, really?

  • Arch Stanton

    Thruxton, as long as the trailer has tags on it, which it does, it is legal to be there, just like a car. Why don’t try a little MYOB.

  • GHB

    Arch, shut your friggin’ piehole already. Happy New Year!

  • 5thfloorwalkuper

    I go to Monty Q very frequently – usually at least a couple of times a week – and have always been treated courteously. In fact, the service is so consistently good that I even made a point of commenting to the owner some time ago what a good crew he has.

  • Gerry

    I find service at Monty-Q in the evenings when the owner is at home terrible.

    With a wallet full of cash I have stood on line for a long time as a number of employees stand behind the counter looking busy but are really not busy when I finally get my food I turn around to find every table in the place filthy not one clean spot to sit.

    The owner Geroge needs to “pop-in” some evening see how his employees do nothing.

  • MonroeOrange

    Gerry…its just bc they know its you….they read the blog too!

  • Gerry

    @ MonroeOrange – they all know who i am they see me often enough in the media, all of Georges employees know me – and I have a good mind to tell Al Calfa owner of Lassen & Hennings and Monty Q’s that his son in law Geroge has a bunch of lazy employees working the evening shift.

  • Mr. Crusty

    If Gerry didn’t exist we would need to invent him.

  • Heightsman

    Yeah, Monty Q’s isn’t much on the service front in my limited experience.

    Noodle Pudding, on the other hand, has great service.

  • Andrew Porter

    Nabeguy, the work on your former home on Middagh Street is almost finished. Latest work involved removing the scraggly bushes and fence in front of the house; they’ve been replaced by new planting areas and walkway, which have opened up the entranceway a lot.

    You can also see the back of the former 84th Precinct buildings on Poplar, which now consist of a large piece of wall held up by supporting timbers. Work on former Brooklyn Hgts Press site is still below street level, though the surrounding fence now sports enticements to their website.

  • Gerry

    @ Andrew Porter – We had thought Nabeguys former home was perfect before these changes I plan to take a walk by and check out the new yard, etc.

  • MonroeOrange

    Mr. Crusty…Gerry only exists in his own mind…..

  • Joe on Grace

    Can anyone recommend an eye doctor in the heights? Need new glasses…

  • Banville

    When not hauling carpenter supplies the red volvo with the CT plates has be seen hauling either a BMW motorcycle or on other occasions a mushroom anchor and maybe a mast or two. But really, leaving that piece of junk trailer parked on the streets by its lonesome??

  • Wiley E.

    Maybe the trailer guy is a member of the Heights Casino. He is always parking within a block or so of the HC.

  • MonroeOrange

    The Trailer guy is Gerry! member of the heights casino, check, lives down the block on montague terrace, check….it all adds up….Gerry please remove your trailer…thanks!