Karl at Pier 5 Opening

Mr. J. and his cam were busy this past week. In addition to his visit to Julianna’s, Karl attended the grand opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5 Thursday morning. In his video, Karl begins with a retrospective of some of his favorite BBP events from the past few years. He then shows the dignitaries gathering, Mayor Bloomberg’s speech, and the pier’s athletic field in use.

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  • Bill FTL

    Enjoyed the video very much, I enjoy reading this blog so much being able to keep up with what is going on in Brooklyn Heights and the park.

  • lois

    Thanks, Karl. Enjoyed seeing short-term Governor Paterson at the opening of Pier One. It is amazing to me how this Park has progressed.

  • C.

    Was there any mention of the Red Bulls presence at the park? Looked like a lot of their merchandise was around and that looked like a few players from the Red Bulls academy team out there on the field.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Yes, the Red Bulls general manager Jerome? spoke for a few minutes about the Red Bulls and professional soccer’s role in the New York region. I have limited time and couldn’t include all the speeches.

  • David on Middagh

    From my inbox:

    “Charter Membership to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy is the next best thing to owning a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge!”

    I’m not sure this is the best ad copy to raise money for the BBPC.

  • HenryLoL

    What a waste of a Pier. This is not going to be used by 99% of the people who live here. Besides, we already have a huge field at Cadman Plaza Park. Why cant we just have open space like Central Park? Why does this park have to be a circus??

  • Sandy

    @HenryLOL- Central park is not all open space. It includes softball fields and tenniss court and croquet and playgrounds, and retaurants and concert venues and puppet theaters, and carousels, etc,etc, etc. The field at Cadman Plaza is overbooked. There’s a huge demand for additional soccer fields in this area. Like every large park this one includes some open spaces and some programmed spaces. Let’s not pretend this is a unique occurrence. If you want just open space there are plenty of places to go in this park. Just b/b you don’t play soccer doesn’t mean it’s a waste.