Yassky Opposes Bloomberg Property Tax Moves

In an effort to deal with deteriorating city finances, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed, among other things, to (1) cancel the scheduled payment of a $400 per residence property tax rebate, and (2) terminate, effective January 1, 2009, a seven per cent property tax reduction that was to expire at the end of June of next year.

Today, Councilmember David Yassky expressed his support for the Mayor’s efforts to “identify unnecessary spending” and “force the agencies to get more results for the dollars they are spending”, but said, “[i]t would be a mistake to vote now on a tax increase before every effort has been made ensure these are done and in the absence of a complete solution to the budget problem.”

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  • Francine

    Yay yaskey!
    Annoy that old creepy zillionaire grinch.
    The little people of Hoo-ville will love it.

  • http://www.yourvotedontcount.com Yassky Nein

    The little people of whoville?
    Yassky has his nose firmly up Bloomie’s keister on term limits and now he’s gonna stand up to him? Know how much weight Yassky’s little protest means to Bloomie or what chance it has of having any real effect? Zilch. Which happens to also be the same number of ballot initiatives he thinks apply to him.

  • Yassky Nyet!

    When will Yassky actually get something meaningful accomplished? At a fundraiser I attended for him some time ago, he saw all the new parents in the room and led off by pandering with a promise to require taxi cabs to have baby seats. Oooh, now that’s attacking the real issues. (And by the way, that minor promise was never achieved.) He recently touted his meaningless effort to require buildings to allow bikes to be locked in their lobbies… Oooooh, another stinger. And finally, nearly 20 years after the fact, he still cites someone else’s gun laws as HIS crowning achievement. Mr. Yassky, we’re tired of you grabbing on to popular issues and getting nothing done… And when you run for comptroller, please don’t cite the fact that you helped “author” the Brady Bill again. We’re just tired of it.

  • http://deleted anon

    Yassky is pathetic. He is responsible, along with his buddy Bloomberg, for the condos inside brooklyn bridge park. How is that for responsible leadership? And his flak, Evan Theis, knew for sure that condos weren’t needed to support the park – Evan ran the numbers and gave them to the other electeds! Sooner Yassky goes back into his family’s real estate business, the better off we will all be. Simply pathetic that guy.