Sign of the Times at 314 Hicks Street

The new building at the northwest corner of State Street and Hicks, 314 Hicks, has a bright shiny new sign. A BHB tipster sent us a photo. It reads:

Built in 2012
Inspired by the simple elegance
Of Brooklyn Heights’ early
Greek Revival Houses

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  • Cassie VonMontague

    Why did the home top out at three stories? The link has a drawing with four. Did four floors not get approved or what?

  • HeightsGuy

    Unlike early Greek revival homes in the area, this one “built in 2012″ has a big ugly electric meter stuck right on its facade. Every time I pass by and see it, I ask “Why?” Why couldn’t they have found a discrete place to put it? Why did Landmarks approve that ugly meter? Why would the developer deface his new home that was “Inspired by the simple elegance
    Of Brooklyn Heights’ early Greek Revival Houses”? The meter is an eyesore.

  • James

    The plaque is ugly – and in very poor taste. Hopefully the future buyer will remove it.

  • Boerum Bill

    It totally contradicts “simple elegance”! It must be destroyed!

  • Bette

    I like it!

  • willowtowncop

    It looks like it was designed to impress people who are impressed by words like “luxury” and “gourmet” and “executive.” A simple, tasteful “2012” carved in the brownstone wouldn’t do?

  • michele

    I’m ok with the plaque- don’t start me with the freakin meter. I had to go through 13 months of fun with landmarks to have my windows approved and a few doors down they stick this meter on the front of the building. I’m telling yu landmarks efin tortured me- and this meter is fine.

  • bklyn20

    The sign is in very bad taste and may be a landmarks violation. In addition, the large tree pit in front of the house (on Hicks Street) is rimmed by 2 rows of bumpy Belgian block, and the bulding’s stoop juts out about 4″ more than those of its neighbors. Large tree pits are better for the trees, but the net effect is a sidewalk app. 10″ narrower than the rest of the Hicks St sidewalk. This is also at a corner 1 block north of Atlantic Avenue. The level section of the sidewalk can barely accomodate a Bugaboo, much less a wheelchair. TK Smalls, are you in the mood to proffer an opinion?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Just saw it in person. The funniest part is they located it on the side (which looks weird)…the obvious spot would be on the front…but the elec meter is in the way!!

  • Wiley E.

    The building has as much charm as an abortion.