Open Thread Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boy, it’s been a news-packed past week-plus, huh? And now we potentially welcome the first winter storm of the season… Hurricane Sandy, Election Day drama, the charity of good people, light & dark, water, wind, garbage collection… That should be enough to keep BHB bursting with color on this Open Thread Wednesday. Comment away!

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  • hicksanthrope

    I was here first. Anyone know a great contractor who can help with our bathroom? Thanks.

  • Mr. Crusty

    Well, watching the election returns was indeed a pleasure. To see a convincing Obama electoral college victory, to see the Democrats gain seats in the Senate and to see some of the extreme tea party wackos go down to defeat (still have my fingers crossed with Michelle Bachmann) was very satisfying.

    Hopefully the right can put its anger and hatred of Obama behind them so we can get some things accomplished for the good of the country but I am not optimistic. Now if the nor’easter can just be a dud it will be a perfect sweep..

  • Over it

    Not happy with last night. Hooray for more debt and reckless spending. More entitlement and less accountability. Four more years til this can be fixed

  • Wiley E.

    @Over it. I think you should have written “less entitlement (for rich people) and more accountability (for banksters and brokers). ”

    US workers should have less jobs lost to overseas sources, and maybe multi-national companies (like Apple) will pay more of their taxes to help lower the government deficit.

    Billions were spent to brain-wash intelligent people into supporting the “lifestyle of the rich and famous”, but Donald Trump and the Koch Brothers lost their investment.

    If America is to grow, it is time to work together, and not against each other.

  • travy

    4 years is a long time, over it. maybe you should kill yourself

  • Jorale-man

    Hoping this Nor’easter doesn’t cause too much havoc. I noticed Montague Street’s Christmas lights just went up. You’d think they would have waited until after the storm?

  • AmyinBH

    The Montague Christmas lights were put up yesterday. I watched while the waiting on line to vote. The Court Street decorations survived the hurricane. Maybe the lights will survive this storm.

    I am so happy the elections are over. While the results are what I hoped for, I am utterly disgusted with political commercials and discussions that are not remotely based on facts just opinions. And, we all know what they say about opinions being like a certain body part. Everybody has one.

  • Martin L

    A visit to Monroe Place where there are two large apartment buildings would show that the City’s cancellation of recycling and the simplistic idea that recyclables should be stored on the owners’ property is simply not do-able. Perhaps individual homes can temporarily store their bags of stuff in their front yards, should they have them. But for others it’s curbside or nothing.
    It is time for the BHA and our electeds to reconsider the undoable and figure out a practical solution to what needs to be done to get the bags and bags of recyclables off our sidewalks.

  • Jenna

    Can anyone recommend a good optometrist or opthamologist in the neighborhood? Need an eye exam! Thanks.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Martin, have you driven through Red Hook, the Rockaways or Staten Island? These folks are tossing entire ruined basements and ground floors of houses and apartments onto the curb. The sanitation workers are doing double-shifts to clear those areas in what is truly a sanitation emergency. I’m not happy this means other areas of the city have recyclables pile up, but right now the city is still in triage mode. Also, at least in our area, the local superintendent is very resourceful (for example, sending out the trucks last monday in advance of the storm — even though citywide pickup had been officially suspended — to make sure as much as garbage as possible was gone before the chaos hit). So I’m pretty confident our recycling will get picked up as soon as it’s feasible and not in the way of more urgent efforts, the indefinite suspension notwithstanding.

  • Monty

    Can an admin please delete travy’s comment? That’s uncalled for.

    @Over It, reckless spending is really a myth. Debt exploded due to a drop in revenue and increased mandatory spending (Medicare/SS) and not due to new spending programs. Obama’s only major policy initiative was health care reform which will lower the debt over 10 years. As employment grows and the wars end, deficits will come down even if no other action is taken.

  • GHB

    Cranberry Beret, as long as Martin’s curb is clean, all is right with the world!

  • maestro

    And let’s not forget the power women winning in this election including the nations first openly gay senator (also a women). All big stuff!

  • liam

    agree with monty !
    delete travy’s comment
    rude and unnecessary

  • maestro

    Exciting night indeed. And let’s not forget all of the winning power women in this election, including the first openly gay Senator. Big stuff!

  • travy

    oh lighten up guys. a few of the brooklyn heights one percenters offing themselves would do wonders for the neighborhood as they are a particularly nasty bunch, no?

  • lori

    CranberryBeret – you are absolutely right. The Sanitation Department has been doing a fantastic job in areas hard hit by the storm. We are lucky we have had regular trash collection. I salute the police, fire and SANITATION Departments and all the volunteers who have done so much and are still doing so much to help those so devastated by the storm.

  • Andrew Porter

    I am Andrew Porter, and I approved this message.

    Happily looking forward to never seeing another commercial from Linda McMahon, Americans for Lying Prosperity, Concerned Americans for Defeating that Black Guy, etc. The bad news: those commercials about what a great guy Chris Christie is, will certainly keep running.

    Bless whoever invented the Mute buitton.

  • HenryLoL

    Here’s to more taxes, more spending, more big government, more debt, more economic turmoil, and more fighting. Yeah! Woo-hoo! All because slightly more than 50% of the country has no idea why they even vote Liberal… Sad day for America. See you in 4 years with Chris Christie.

  • Elaine Comstock-Leirer

    I for one am observing the ‘ washing clean ‘ of Mittens Romney. As with all dead things, his life is being sanitized. We must forget the final lying statements about Chrysler sending jeep manufacturing to China via the Italians. So distorted were his campaign statements that the auto manufacturers had to publicly deny them. I don’t advocate the economic policies of the current WH administration but if the GOP doesn;t stop reinforcing air brushed campaign statements the public will never accept their candidates in an election, no matter how capable.

  • Topham Beauclerk


    You appear not to understand how the US is governed. You accept as true the Republicans’ self-presentation as the party of lower taxes and smaller government. Do you remember that in December, 2010 the Republicans vigorously opposed a reduction in the payroll taxes, a reduction the Democrats favored? What, you say, the party of lower taxes being opposed to a tax cut? How is that possible? The reason is simple: the rich do not receive wages and consequently don’t pay payroll taxes. You see, Republicans like to lower certain taxes – income, capital gains, inheritance, corporate – but happily raise all the othes that the little people are obliged to pay.

    As for smaller government: the US government devotes nearly one trillion dollars in defense in the form of fat contracts for big corporations. Do you think Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Bechtel, Boeing really want smaller government? No, they just want government to work for them.

    The conservatism you dream of hasn’t been in vogue since the early to mid 19th century.

  • bagel boy

    Why cant they just suspend recycling for a few weeks and pick it up with the regular trash. Is it because the city’s gets money for that stuff or is due to the backlash from enviro-wackos?

    And to the admin: I don’t agree with travvys comments but leave it alone… These fascists calling for removal are typical free speech advocates as long as they agree with the speech. Otherwise it must be removed so as to not offend the collective.

    Voting yesterday in the long lines allowed me to get a real feel for some of the jerks that live in this neighborhood. Perhaps the most politically correct, socially correct braindead collection of phonies I have seen in a while. They all pretty much move in lockstep with the party line. What a bunch of hot air and blowhards.

  • Elaine Comstock-Leirer

    @ Bagel Boy….I agree with you. Anyone who doesn’t validate my opinions is always a phony, brain dead idiot.

  • runnie

    Jenna: Dr. Kim at Cohen’s Optical is great. She’s smart, no-nonsense and nice.

  • Cadmangal

    Jenna, if you’re still look I recommend Dr. Klein-161 Atlantic Ave. Only problem is he is only there on Wednesdays. I’ve been going to him for years and recently I went to him for cataract surgery.

  • David on Middagh

    Maybe “maybe you should kill yourself” is only a flippant retort, but (according to Wikipedia),

    “By the late 1980s, thirty of the fifty states had no laws against suicide or suicide attempts but every state had laws declaring it to be felony to aid, advise or encourage another person to commit suicide.”

    I support deleting the comment on anti-bullying grounds.

  • Wiley E.

    Let’s export Karl Rove to Somalia. But then, he might teach the pirates some new tricks on hijacking. So, not a good idea.

  • berkeley grosvenor

    Is there no one to provide a recommendation for @hicksanthrope?

    I had thought to ask @Over it for a suggestion, but I’m sure his rolodex card for Plumbers still lists Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy.

  • travy

    holy crap i’m a felon! does that mean i can’t vote?

  • GHB

    Don’t feed the troll