The Night The Lights Went Up On Montague

Tuesday evening the annual sea of seasonal purple lights went up along Montague Street, providing a festive respite from the coming cold. This is a happy thing, unless, of course, you happen to suffer from the effects of Porphyrophobia, fear of the color purple. Enjoy! (CT)

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  • David on Middagh

    Nice. That last pic should be enough to turn anyone into a porphyrophile.

  • GHB

    You see purple, I see blue

  • Nick G

    These LED lights emit a searing, cold blue light. I understand that they use less energy and are longer lasting, but if it’s a choice between having these on every night for two months or warm incandescents for a week… I’ll go with incandescents every time.

    If you’re going to go bananas decorating for Christmas, please be mindful of the spectrum of the actual light you’re using. LED Christmas lights are horrible, and barely festive.

    Now Montague St. looks like a computer server room at a Fortune 500 company.

  • pennypants

    why don’t they just use white like everyone else???? the purple is so tacky.

  • philica

    All that garbage in the street ruins the look.

  • Nick G

    If anything, the 10+ cars ruin the look, not the trash bags.

  • David on Middagh

    No! The cars and the garbage bags turn that last photograph from any old saccharine holiday scene into a great, gritty evocation of city life.

    The composition is perfect.

    I love the blue reflections on the car at far right. I even like that those lights on that rightmost tree are out of focus, as if to say, “This pic? Yeah, I just took this with my camera here.”

    A beautiful shot that avoids preciousness!

  • David on Middagh

    (Oh, you guys were talking about the street itself, not the image, weren’t you. Still. The pic belongs in a book.)

  • Nick G

    Yeah, the photos are great! But David, go check out the lights. The cold light from them really is an eyesore, and more harsh than Christmasy.

    We went from lovely flickering whale oil and gas to warm incandescents and now to these searing chinese-made LEDs.

    Bring back the blubber!

  • David on Middagh

    I know we can’t go back to whale oil, but what about Crisco? The original lamp-oil substitute?

  • Andrew Porter

    If you want to see old-time Christmas lights, look at the second floor of Chuck Taylor’s building. Whoever lives there keeps their Christmas lights up all year round.