Open Thread Wednesday 12/3/08

BHB Photo Club pic by Fkuffel

BHB Photo Club pic by Fkuffel

What’s on your mind?  Have an event to plug?  Comment away!

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  • north heights resident

    Can anyone recommend the name of a good body shop? My car is leaking…

    And a while back, somebody posted the name of the website where you can sign up to stop receiving junk mail….would love if you could post that again–


  • E G

    Can anyone recommend a good barber/hair stylist (whatever they may term themselves)?

    I’ve been going to Supercuts for the last 15 years give or take. At times I’ve gotten a great haircut, other times colossally awful in need of immediate correction. The two outcomes have at times occurred with the same person.

    I am not a big fan of the company or the Montague Street management.

    So, again, can anyone recommend? Doesn’t matter male or female, young, old, expensive or inexpensive, licensed or not, etc. Just someone with proven and consistent proficiency.

  • BH fan

    My husband loves the barbers on Clinton Street, between Remsen and Joralemon. He consistently gets a good haircut there, and the place is nice and friendly. They’ll also do an old-fashioned shave if you so desire, which my husband has done a few times. I think they’re pretty cheap too.

  • Chris

    E.G., also check out the Cutting Den at the Clark Street subway station, intersection of Clark and Henry. Rocco not only gives a great haircut, but is a great guy to talk with.

  • Susan R

    Mykel at Irene Dinov’s on Montague. He is a true master in the art of haircutting and a great guy.

  • hst

    Is there anywhere in the heights where I can get a real christmas tree (as opposed to a plastic one)?

  • Emily

    I also need a new place to get my hair cut. Lifestyles on Atlantic Avenue shut down all of a sudden – I had no idea it was going to happen. I was so sad when I walked by the other day and saw for rent signs in the windows.

  • bornhere

    I just posted on another thread that trees/wreaths are for now available on Montague and Clinton by the subway (in front of the side entrance to St Ann’s).

  • Cranky

    Ooh Emily, e-mail me at I used to go to Lifestyles to Anna, she said it might happen and I have a cell phone number for Anna just in case. It’s at home but I can e-mail it to you tomorrow.

    Side note, I really like the picture above this thread.

  • Hawk

    The barbers on Clinton Street, between Remsen and Joralemon are fantastic, $15 i have had 4 different people cut my hair an dit is great each time.

  • heightsdiho

    Salon Van Sickle on Middagh St is great! My hair style guru is Mark, but I can recommend Jessica and/or Diana wholeheartedly as well. Swell place!

  • heightsdiho

    Dear north heights resident – For a body shop – Joke Hahn (yes his name is Joke) @ Excel Motor Works auto repair on Old Fulton. Joke runs an excellent business, is honest and an all around good guy. The # at Excel is 718-625-4110. Good luck!

  • AEB

    E G, let me add to the recommendations the name of my own super-barber: Alexis at Xena’s Beauty Company, 158 West 12th St. Manhat., 212 633-8561.

    They’re definitely pricey but, as we used to say about grass, having it and no money is better than not having it yet having money.

    If you follow.

    Seriously–Alexis is an artist; she listens to you and you get what you want only better. Much better.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    EG, in our neighborhood, the barber with the golden scissors is Monte Grosso, downstairs at the southern corner of Remsen and Court. Its owner, Ross, a Sicilian, talks too much perhaps but his skill is extraordinary. For an ordinary haircut – short back and sides – he charges $18 and one usually gives him $20.

  • yo

    i second topham’s recommendation…Ross is great. If you’re looking for a haircut with scissors (and not an electric shaver) from someone who knows what he’s doing, monte grosso is your place…

  • yo

    changing the topic…does anyone know what kind of cable is being installed on Sidney place? There was some work done a few weeks back where a crew was cutting a groove in in the road right along the curb. Looks like they’ve been running a green colored cable into the groove.

    Fiber-optic? Or something less exciting?

  • hst

    Thanks bornhere!

  • Publius

    I can second Salon Van Sickel for men’s hair – $25 and I’ve been using Jessica for about 3 years–she’s great.

    I can also second New Xcel on Old Fulton for car repair. Joke, the owner (Korean name), is great and very honest.

  • Peter

    Here’s a 3rd vote for mark @ Van Sickel on Middagh.

    And a 2nd vote for Joke at New xCel. Very honest, very no-nonsense.

    Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime. ;)

  • Alex

    And a fourth vote for Van Sickel! I actually went there for the first time about a month ago after a recommendation on another Open Thread Wednesday. I’m a female and paid $35 for a very good haircut. Jessica was great.

  • Alex

    hst–I got a tree last night at a street stand near the Key Foods on Atlantic Ave (Clinton is the cross street, I believe?). Prices were a bit inflated in my Midwestern native opinion ($65 for a 5-foot tree and a stand), but from what I gather that’s par for the course in NYC. Good luck!

  • Alex

    My mom and my boyfriend’s parents are visiting us over Christmas. None of them have ever been to Brooklyn Heights. Thoughts on where to take them to best represent our new neighborhood?

  • .

    what was going on with the ambulances in front of Gristedes last night?

  • TS

    Another great salon is Boy Luv Girl on Atlantic between Henry and Hicks. Anna and Aaron are great – talented and super-cool too!

  • Shave and a Haircut

    EG, Yo and Topham might send you to Ross Logrosso at Monte-Grosso, but the far better cut is from Ross Cangialosi at the Alegria Hair Salon inside the office building lobby of the Brooklyn Marriott complex. Ross C. used to have the second chair at Monte-Grosso, until there was a falling out between the two Rosses. Alegria’s owner, Frank, will gladly take your business, as well. You just might need to wait a few minutes for him to finish up on his notable regular customer, ex-BBP Howard Golden.

  • E G

    Thank you all for your recommendations! I will jot down all of the suggestions and it will be my local Zagat guide for hair cutters. I may have to stay away from the Sicilian said to talk your ear off. Losing all of that hair at once is traumatic enough!

  • Hawk

    Alex, take them to Jake the Horse for dinner

  • Andrew

    From DOT, Verizon has a permit to install telephone conduit on Sidney Place (the other street opening permits on Sidney Place are for gas and water). Since Verizon plans to wire all five boroughs for FIOS in the next 5 years, it is likely that they are wiring for FIOS. Unless, of course, this being Verizon, they’re merely fixing copper and will be running fiber later.

    I, for one, hope that FIOS is coming to the Heights soon.

  • Jo

    Another recommendation for Rocco at Cutting Den (at the Clark St. 2/3 station). Great haircuts and I always walk out of there learning something about the Heights and its former/current inhabitants, as well as some Heights history.

  • In the Heights

    I second Anna at Boy Luv Girl. It’s a great salon, she does a great job and is a neighborhood resident and PS 8 parent – great to support local business and residents!