St. Ann’s Victor Marchioro Passes

Popular St. Ann’s History teacher Rev. Victor Marchioro died yesterday according to a former student.   One St. Ann’s alum posts this homage in a Facebook group dedicated to his memory:

Victor Marchioro always defined – and continues to define for me – the very best about Saint Ann’s, the spirit of the humanities, and the vocation of teaching (to this day, whenever I am stumped by a question in class or at a talk, if I let my mind wander I can still picture him standing in 8-1 shaking his head and saying “my my, how the mighty have fallen”). I learned more from him, both by number of hours in class and in terms of range and depth of content, than any other teacher I ever had. He will be missed by many and, “by the bowels of Christ”, forgotten by none.

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  • nazimova

    I am so sorry to hear about Vic..I hadn’t seen him in a few years and the last time he was using a cane I think.. Please post the time and place of any memorial , (wake) I am sure MANY people will want to know…

  • Amanda W. Smith

    Yes, please, please, post any information about funeral/memorials. I know many of his students (present and past) would love to honor him in person.

  • Resident

    A note from St. Ann’s School included the following:
    At his family’s request, there will be a private cremation. The
    memorial service in Victor’s honor will be held on Sunday, January 11,
    2009 at 3pm at the Church of St. Ann & the Holy Trinity. After the
    service, a reception will follow at Saint Ann’s School.

    In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to Saint Ann’s School
    for the Victor J. Marchioro Memorial Fund, which will establish a
    Reference Room in his honor. It was Victor’s fondest wish that his
    extensive collection of books be part of the Saint Ann’s library
    available for both present and future students.

  • Jendi Reiter ’89

    So very sad to hear this. St. Ann’s has the best history department in the known universe and Victor was a big part of that. I always credit him for my note-taking skills, because he packed so much info into a one-hour lecture that I didn’t dare miss a thing! He will be missed.

  • paul legutko ’90

    So sorry to hear this. Vic’s Bible History class in 11th grade was better than the one I took at Harvard. Best condolences to his family and friends.