How Kosher is Kosher?

Nabe journo Walter Ellis writes about his kitchen renovation, his neighbor’s renovation halted when the Orthodox Jewish contractor refused to work with a German architect, and other existential issues in his column in the Belfast Telegraph.  One passage brings news of happenings at Mike’s Kosher Steakhouse:

Brooklyn Papers photoRound the corner from our apartment in Brooklyn Heights is an excellent steakhouse called Mike’s. The owner is an Albanian Jew who has spent a lot of money he doesn’t have on his premises and works hard seven days a week in an honest bid to turn a profit.

The restaurant is 100% kosher, inspected on a regular basis by Brooklyn’s rabbis. It also serves up some of the largest steaks I have ever seen – a whopping 24 ounces. But business has not exactly been brisk.

One of Mike’s problems is that he stays open on Friday nights and Saturday lunchtimes – the Jewish sabbath. This means that he cannot advertise in the Jewish press, which he says refuse ads from businesses that fail to respect Shabat.

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