Montague Street Featured In (Another) New York Lottery Commercial

In the BHB post last Thursday about Brooklyn Heights’ most recent inundation of film crews, Wiley E mused in a comment, “BH = Brooklyn’s Hollywood.” And how. On Monday, Montague Street was abuzz with a robust posse of equipment for a lil’ ole New York Lottery commercial. This morning, the entrance to the Promenade resembled the bravado of a major West Coast film shoot, while all afternoon, the action was centered inside Plaza Cleaners at 84 Montague, tucked between Heights Cafe and Teresa’s Restaurant. Throughout the day, trucks were parked along the entire south side of Montague between Henry and Clinton streets.

You may recall that in March 2012, New York Lottery filmed a commercial on Montague Street with a full cast of zombies in and around the newspaper vendor in front of City Chemist at 129 Montague. At least this time there were no overturned cars or sightings of the undead. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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