Brooklyn Heights Zombie Invasion!

Filming for a New York Lottery commercial continued throughout the afternoon Tuesday March 20, in front of Banana Republic at 133 Montague Street. This morning, Heights resident Rick Elkin shared with BHB that the action was focused on a vehicle with smashed windshield and a felled lamp-post. Ouch!

By mid-afternoon, the storyboard had evolved to a crowd of zombies collected around the shiny new newspaper vendor site in front of City Chemist at 129 Montague (with a car now completely overturned), apparently consumed with deadly desire to purchase NYC lottery tix. Meanwhile, a mob of ghoulish extras sat along Henry Street in front of NY Kids Club, waiting their turn as the action progressed.

At least a hundred or so locals gathered at the corner of Montague and Henry to gaze upon the zombie spectacle by 5 p.m., armed with cell phone cams, amid a spirited, accommodating crew. Below the jump, see a half-dozen pics from the zombie-fest.

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

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  • lulu

    Give ’em 2 days. They’ll be complaining about the restaurants on Montague Street.

  • Claude Scales

    Considering my acting experience,(I had a small part with a few lines, the first was “What the Sam Hill happened to YOU?”), I’m sorry I missed the casting call.

  • Topham Beauclerk

    One would have to be brain-dead to buy a lottery ticket. One of the government’s more disreputable schemes to tax the poor to pay for the pleasures of the rich.

  • Hicks St Guy

    ah, Topham, but it’s voluntary taxation, and it’s not just low-income people playing either.

  • Brooklyn Storage

    I am pretty sure the zombies have no use for currency. Thus, this commercial is effectively null and void before airing. Plus, zombies don’t even watch television. They would however shop at Banana Republic I believe. Only in Brooklyn that this would happen.